Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Sexually Confident Wife

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the drawings in Shannon Ethridge's book spoke volumes. Joy! Delight! Smiles! Confidence! and Creativity! come in all sizes, races and positions. That's what these pictures said to me, along with a reallllly great position to try in the shower. ;)

I've got a bookshelf full of books that taught me sexual positions and techniques, and I'm grateful for every one. But as I mentioned on the phone during a girlfriend-to-girlfriend talk, nothing has a greater impact on a woman's sexual experience than how she feels about herself when she walks in the bedroom. Shannon understands this very well, and her book The Sexually Confident Wife has lots of relevant encouraging things to say to women like us who could use a dose of sexual confidence. True confidence is found in embracing our sexuality as a gift from God.

She's very frank in this book, and I loved it. During the two days I took to read it, I alternately laughed, slapped my palm on my desk saying "you go girl!" or dabbed a few tears as she shared from her heart about her body image issues.

Shannon's been there, and she's got a lot of practical encouragement for wives who want to feel more confidence, more orgasms, and a stronger more beautiful bond with their husband. I've tasted the joy of being a sexually confident wife, and I want more. Her book is still on my nightstand and it will be featured in the store.
Read on, darlings, and become the sex goddesses you were meant to be.



Who am I said...

I found this to be an excellent book. I read it and then mailed it to my wife while I was out of town.

She has promised to spend some time reading it this coming week.

If you go to there is a video of Shannon, being interviewed on TV- I think it was Kathie Lee and someone else.

My wife and I watched it and found it to be a hoot.

BTW-from a man's perspective, I think most men would be thrilled if their wives read this and really took to heart what Shannon is saying which is basically that every woman has a sex goddess within them, and that God has so much for those who will allow Him to transform them into Sexually Confident Wives.

SW- so glad this will be in your store.

Mark said...


Thank you for your blog post and the link.

I've been to the website and it's great! The interview was so good I saved it and Shannon's blog is amazing too!

WAI, I agree with you that most men would be thrilled if their wives read this and took it to heart.

I hope I can get my wife to read it.


Sensuous Wife said...

Thank you WAI. I agree that most men would be thrilled if their wives read this book. Even better, I think the wives who read this book would have something very healing happen in their own hearts. As much as we love our husbands, there's something very special about realizing that our sexuality is something very special and a personal gift for us to enjoy. No disrespect to husbands of course. I just want to emphasize that our sexuality as wives is not just something we do to keep our man happy. It's for us. It's written in our souls. Our sexuality is beautiful part of who we are and God made female sexuality to be enjoyed by each woman herself.

And when a woman feels that way about herself, her husband will certainly rejoice because he is truly happy for her. Of course, her sexual outlet is him, so he'll benefit from her healing. But it's more than that. It's like if your wife went back to school and got a degree, you'd be happy for her, not just because her earning potential increased but you would be proud of her and celebrate her achievement. Just because you love her. It's the same way with sexual healing. The attitude that blesses a wife is the attitude that says, "It's not that I want you to change just so you'll put out more for me, it's that I want you to feel it down deep in your soul how sexy and gorgeous you are, so you can have that feeling inside and want to celebrate and express it often. And of course, I'll be the one celebrating your sexuality along with you, and loving you every moment."

Do you know what I mean?

In 10 years of hearing marriage sermons at church, I heard a husband's sexual needs mentioned countless times and I heard a wife's sexual needs mentioned once.

I want women to know this is not another book telling a wife what to do to make her husband happy. This is a book about how to make yourself happy and your husband will be happy as a bonus.

And as Delighted Husband, WAI, and Mark say, that is one helluva bonus.


Sensuous Wife said...

Mark, you are welcome for the blog. It's from my heart as you can tell, so I really appreciate your encouragement.

Your wife is warmly invited to my blog anytime. Send her over for some girl talk and a glass of southern girl sweet tea. :)