Friday, October 10, 2008

Hottie Hot Tea

I like hot tea. In a pretty teapot. I like it hot and sweet and oh dang this is starting to sound sexy! (snicker) (full blown GUFFAW) (cough) Okay. (smirk) Seriously. I want to describe the perfect cup of tea. I like fragrant tea with a bit of aromatic twist to it, so I like Earl Grey or Constant Comment. Either one. Sweetened liberally with Splenda. Doused heavily with cream. Not some manmade corn syrup solids mishmash like Coffee Mate, real cream as in from a cow. Heavy whipping cream preferably although half and half will do. I add enough cream so the tea is lightened to a pale khaki color. The color of Dockers. Drink hot in a cup with matching saucer. OR drink cold over ice.

My sister in law, the Brit, calls my Hottie Hot Tea "cream of tea soup". SIL makes her own batch of tea separately when she stays with me. I have taken to buying a box of PG Tips tea and keeping in my pantry for when she visits. She likes her PG Tips tea strong enough to walk and barely splashed with regular or skim milk. She doesn't do sugar or sweetener.

I know sugar is for the purists, but I save my sugar for Southern Girl Sweet Tea. When it comes to Earl Grey or Constant Comment Hot Tea, Splenda seems to do the trick.

Enjoy this tea, you hotties!

I'm lifting my steamy teacup in salute of my friend Lainie over at She's got one heckuva tea blog!


Mike said...

PG Tips is great. I have several boxes in my home.

Cocotte said...

I like Constant Comment with Splenda too! I'm also a big fan of the Tazo Chai teas.