Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sensuous Wife Dines Out: Key Lime Pie

When it comes to food, it's not just the flavor, it's the texture. This is never more true than with dessert. The chef at Houston's J. Alexander's knows this well, and his key lime pie is sublime. Delighted Husband and I honeymooned in the Florida Keys, so I've sampled a lot of key lime pie, and I've never had key lime pie as sublime as this Houston rendition. Did I just use the word sublime twice in one article?
Yes ma'am I did.

The plate is simple and square and curves up at the tips as though it hugs something special. Pebbles of crust sprinkled over the plate trickle from the wall of crust that shores up the placid lemony layer topped by a tower of fresh whipped cream. I touch my fork to the cream first, watch the tower fall over as lift the first bite to my eager tongue. The cream is smooth and light and velvety and barely splashed with vanilla. The pie filling is so smooth and satiny it is almost slippery in my mouth. A startling tartness! Then the faintly sweet crumbly crust that is a hybrid of pecans and graham crackers. Each of the three is delightfully well executed, but the whole is FAR greater than the sum of its parts. Gestalt dessert! Whooda thought?


BigMama said...

Have you read Eating Heaven by Jennie Shortridge? This entry reminds me of that book so much!

Really savoring desserts is so much fun!

Sensuous Wife said...

No, I haven't! It sounds like a fun book. :)
Tell ya what, if I'm gonna eat carbs, they better be carbs worth eating. If it doesn't taste good enough to write about, then fuhgettaboutit. (grin)

Cocotte said...

Well, that was certainly a sensuous description. I love key lime pie too!

Are you planning on watching the new season of Top Chef starting next month?

Sensuous Wife said...

Cocotte, I hardly ever watch TV, so no I haven't seen that show. But it sounds like something I would enjoy. Thanks for the recommendation!
I'd like to TiVo it so I can watch it whenever I have time, maybe during lunch. What channel is it on?

Cocotte said...

It's on the Bravo channel. Has been on Wed.nights at 10 pm in the past. The new season starts Nov. 12 and they are in NYC this year.

I think you'll enjoy their challenges and how creative they are with the food as well as their passion.