Saturday, April 26, 2008

If the Van is Rockin'

We sold our van today. Traded in our plush comfy conversion van for an fuel-efficient 4 cylinder SUV. What we were paying in gasoline every month was enough for a car payment. No lie. So we traded it in. The guys at the dealership appraised our van right away, and then we went out on test drives. When the sales manager came back from inspecting the van and gave us a good offer, he smiled and said, "We see you really enjoyed your van." "Oh yes", we said, "it's so comfortable. We took it on several road trips" We didn't really think anything of their comment. We quickly told him about a vacation road trip story, and then got back to the business of car shopping.

After a long day and many test drives, we made a deal, signed the paperwork and went out to the van to move our stuff from the van to the new SUV.

I was taking some maps and magazines out of the 2nd row seat back pockets when something pink caught my eye. I looked down on the floor between the 3rd row sofabed and the 2nd row captains chair and favorite pair of panties! The lacy little panties had been peeled off in the heat of the moment on a date night that went very very well. I'd been wondering where those panties were! I sat down on the sofa and laughed and laughed and laughed. I showed them to Delighted Husband and said, "No WONDER the sales manager said We see you really enjoyed your van"! ;)


Who am I said...

this is so hilarious.

Eleutheros said...

Congrats on your new purchase!

You should save plenty on gas...

When will you know if the backseat is comfortable enough?


Seriously though *chuckle* the racuous laughter I experienced for reading this felt really good.

We should all be so blessed as to be 'found out' that we are having 'back-seat' sex with our spouse!

So, you got to experience two delightful moments for the one and now have a great story to tell!

May many more delightful moments be your's and his!


Sensuous Wife said...

who am i,
(giggle) yes, isn't it?
thanks for laughing with me.

thank you
field testing for the effability of the back seat has not yet been done. I'll submit my report at a later date. (giggle)

and yes, Delighted Husband and I are looking forward to many more delightful moments entwined.

I can just hear your snicker and chuckle, Elyew! ;)SW

Cocotte said...

How fun!
That's why we love you SW!
Wishing you many more back-seat memories in the future!

Sensuous Wife said...

I'm feelin' the love, Cocotte!

I think I'll name the new SUV the shagmobile. (giggling)

Anonymous said...

Hehe, too funny, SW. Think you'll ever go back there anytime soon to buy another car? If it had been me, my kids would have found the panties.

Enjoy LMing in your new car.