Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sensuous Wife Shrinks

Well darlings I have decided to screw up my courage and really go for it.
God has given me so much healing in my marriage and sexuality and emotional and physical health, I've decided to be brave and dare to hope Himself will also bring healing to my weight. It's an interesting place to be. I feel gorgeous and sexy now. I don't feel unpretty or unsexy. But my doctor, Beloved Endocrinologist, really wants me to lose weight. Since I'm being treated for a metabolic disorder, the Atkins low carb way is the best match for me.

I feel so nervous!!

I have lost weight before eating the Atkins way, and I did very well. The problem is not the eating plan. The problem is emotional eating. I have lost 15 pounds, gotten some momentum, and then hit an emotional wall and gained 5 pounds back. I'm still at net loss of 10 which is good. And I want more.

I feel like this is the last battle for my heart. The last place in my life that needs to be healed. It's not that I want to look like anyone else. I am so tired feeling victory failure and frustration in this area of my life. I want to conquer this area of my life. I want to be the curvy, athletic girl I used to be.

On the fun side, Delighted Husband and I have looked at each other with a gleam in our eye thinking about some of the hot stuff we could do if I were smaller and more flexible and had more, er, stamina. (blush) (grin) In the few months I have been working out at the gym, I have been amazed at how much faster and easier I can orgasm. Lord only knows what else might be in store for Delighted Husband and me! I intend to find out.

So, does this sound like a good goal? Is this something y'all think you could support?



Desmond Jones said...

Well, Shula, I can tell you that since I lost 90 lb two years ago, I've been, uh, friskier (Molly's word) than I've been in years.

So yeah - go for it, definitely. . .


Tom Allen said...

Shula, I'm totally with you. I started my own program last year, lost some momentum, and have now come back hard over the summer. I've gone from 205 to 185 (as of this week). This is nowhere near as impressive as Desmond, but then, I guess I'm just not as big of a guy. (ba-da-boom - Thank you, I'll be here all week.) My goal weight is 170, and for the first time it looks reachable.

For me, the diet part that's been working is a combination of Weight Watchers "Core" plan, and South Beach. For the last couple of months I've cut out processed carbs and dairy. And of course, I work out a little bit every day.

I tried Atkins once, but my body has a hard time digesting all the protein and fats. I have a hard boiled egg and a piece of fruit in the morning, and then snack on almonds, celery, carrots, etc. I gave up sandwiches for salads with light dressing (usually turkey breast strips on romaine with tomato). And I drink a lot of Propel especially when I'm exercising or biking.

When Mrs. Edge and I saw a trainer last year, we both got pretty fit, and for the first time in her life she had some hawt looking muscle definition. If we weren't so exhausted from exercising, we would have been boinking like teenagers.

If you want, I'll send you some links that I've found to be helpful.

Maria Kettleson Anderson said...

Thanks for sharing that, Sweet Woman!

I find myself on the first real diet I've been on since before Noah, too! Steven said he'd never seen me so round . . . and that's just 10 0r 15 pounds heavier than I consider normal for me.

So let me know if I can help in any way besides my prayers for you. As you said the other morning, I wish we could walk together!

It is encouraging to think of the results over weeks and months, isn't it?



Anonymous said...

absolutely - you go, girl! we can support each other in our (very different) struggles, ok?

Sensuous Wife said...

Well score one for Delighted Husband. He was right again. He's the one who suggested I tell y'all about this new turn in my journey and ask for your support.

I am just delighted at the support you dear people have offered me. Thank you!

Oh my God. Wow.

As usual, your comment made me giggle. And underneath the laughter is a lovely supportive friendly feeling. When you mentioned the combination of Weight Watchers Core Plan and South Beach, I realized I'm doing a combination too.

I'm doing The Orgasmic Diet, have been for the last year off and on. This is a more protein less carb plan designed to flip the levels of serotonin and dopamine in the brain to make for faster arousal and orgasm. The one thing I embraced from the past year is to start agreeing with the author when she calls sugar and carbs and alcohol Orgasm Killers. It has made it easier for me to ask myself, "Shula do you want some sugar or do you want some sugar??" (lewd wink) (laughter)

You're such a dear. Now I will think Sweet Woman every time I type SW and I will feel loved by you and I will smile. The first thing that comes to mind is I may send you a direct tweet if I am in the valley of temptation. You okay with being my prayin' twitter friend?

anonymous 6 (you are so suave to use roman numerals),
thank you friend. supporting each other in our very different struggles sounds like a wonderful way to be good humans. I'm all for it.

I did not publish the one comment listing reasons the commenter could not support me in my new endeavor because I can respect their no. To publish the comment would turn this thread into a debate and I can't have that. More importantly, I chose a long time ago to live a glass is half full kind of life, so it seems the right thing for me to do is daily walk out this roadmap my doctor and I drew together, enjoying the support my friends have offered.

Bless you all. Keep watchin'. There will be less of me to love. Which means that the ratio of love per square inch can only get higher! ;)
-Sweet Woman

Gigi said...

I totally support you on this one! I've been on the fitness wagon since I could remember... It helps to be flexible in more ways than one! :D

Go. Go. Go!

Sensuous Wife said...

Thanks, gigi. You totally rock.