Monday, October 13, 2008

Meme: Six Uninteresting Things About Me

Meme Terms and Conditions
1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Mention the rules on your blog.
3. List six unspectacular things about you.
4. Tag six other bloggers by linking to them.

Lord have mercy! This has got to be the hardest writing assignment I've had in a long time. I've been writing for more than half my life and the mantra drilled into my head was 'make it interesting'. Lordy. Doing this meme is like entering a cooking contest for "the worst recipe ever". Well dangit. This meme came from someone I really love, so I can't just conveniently forget to get around to it, so I'll have to tweak this assignment so I can actually pull it off.

6 Odd Quirky Trivial Things About Me That You Can Decide On Your Own Whether Or Not You Might Find Them Interesting:

  1. I like tea and filtered water and I drink a lot of it.
  2. I like sex and and my husband and I play together every chance we get.
  3. I like writing and have found it essential to my self-expression since age 7.
  4. I like worship because of the sense of presence and unaloneless that it gives me and because I enjoy loving on someone I adore.
  5. I like singing and have found it essential to my self-expression since age 2. I don't believe I could drive or cook or take a shower without singing.
  6. I'm a big fan of nonsexual touch. It's very common to find me squeezing my friends' hand while we talk, or leaning my head companionably on their shoulder while we sit side by side.
  7. I like to laugh and do it every chance I get. I get a lot of chances as those around me will attest. I have actually been asked by my friend who is a comedian to come to his live performances and "salt" the audience with my giggles.
  8. One of the loveliest side effects of my spiritual and sensuous awakening is a renewed enjoyment for kinetic movement. Dance, cycling, playing chase with my kids, powerwalking, circuit training all feel fun to me. I used to be an brainy gal who only lived in her head. I am so over that.
  9. I believe in lagniappe as a lifestyle, so it felt right to give a little more on these lists.
Okay now onto tagging some of my friends in blogdom. I find it especially fun to tag friends I've met fairly recently and friends I'd like to know better and friends I've known forever. Sort of a friendly nudge on the shoulder that says "hey I'd like to know more about you, you big goober." (mischievous grin)

So cough up the trivia, folks!
Cory from Husbands and Dads,
Village Idiot from Tohu and Bohu
David at Naked Pastor,
Cori from My Heart His Heart
Kyra from Lonely Housewife's Refuge
Desmond from Running In the Yard
Shawna from Life In the City



villageidiot said...

someone here needs to work on her counting. six turns into nine... ;) I've done something similar recently, I'll dig it up for you...

Sue said...

Hey SW --

weren't you supposed to write SIX uninteresting things about you? I counted NINE. ;)

love you, my friend!


Sensuous Wife said...

Lagniappe , people, Lagniappe!
A bonus, a little extra, something more given in the spirit of generosity.

I will freely admit I am better at loving than counting.

Maria Kettleson Anderson said...

Love it, SW! And I didn't really expect you to write 6 uninteresting things . . . or to not mention sex!

How fun!

Sensuous Wife said...


haha hahaha....

Desmond Jones said...

Thanks, SW. I'm flattered. . . ;)

Well, you know, we like sex, too. . . I mean, duh - eight kids. . .

Altho, to be technically certain, that only HAS to mean that we've had sex every three years or so, since we've been married. . .

Shawna Renee said...

I played here.

Cocotte said...

I believe it was Gemma who taught me that word "lagniappe" earlier this year. But you sure make being your friend sound awfully fun!

Kyra said...

Mine will be published tomorrow. Thanks for tagging me!

PS I ended up writing 12. But mine are truly boring.

Sensuous Wife said...

Ya done good.

I read yours today and smiled to see how you enjoyed yourself. I tried to read yours too early and it wasn't up yet and I forgot till today to check back. Glad I did.

I know you and your Molly like sex. I can tell that from reading your blog. The 8 kids are just confirmation! ;) I'm wondering if you two can stop groping and fondling each other long enough to write 6 things about yourself. Whoever says spiritual people aren't sex positive has never met y'all. (chortle)

I don't know whether you did the meme or not, since I can no longer see your blog.

Nakedpastor sent me a kind reply saying he doesn't do memes anymore. I say as long as he uses his brain power to come up with that thought-provoking art of his, then excusing his contribution to my meme is my contribution to humanity. No really. Withhold all judgement of snarkiness till you see his artwork.

I didn't hear from Cory or Cori. Hey! I didn't realize the name thing till now, a his and hers Cor(y)(i). But Cori's going through a hard time now judging from her blog so she is excused from uninteresting meme-ness. The way that woman is fighting for her man is something to behold. Big hugs and lotsa love to her.

Thanks everyone. I enjoyed it!