Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Portraits of Brave and Holy Sensuousness - Esther and Mr. Esther

Esther of Judah and her husband whom I'll call Mr. Esther shared this story on TMB. I'm retelling their story here with her permission. All I can say is I'll never look at an art supply shop again without smiling. Wow and meow. -SW

On a snowy evening while my husband and I were sequestered in a chalet, we had a late night craft session. Covering the floor with drop cloths, we positioned a canvas in front of the fire place. As we listened to jazz and sipped wine, we opened the body paint containers (purchased colors which matched our bedroom back home), painted each other (very erotic foreplay), rolled around together in the paint, and made love on the canvas.
After having a marvelous time painting his mighty manhood and "stamping" the canvas, I wiped him off before penetration removing most of the paint which minimized the color from entering my "hoo-haa". I had no irritation after our craft night. Yee Hah! As for price, we purchased our supplies in Europe while traveling. We purchased the body paint at a novelty shop. I think, it was latex body paint I think, for canvas and paints it was about $100. Framing the masterpiece was the most expensive part of the project. It turned out to be a fabulous evening. However, I must admit, when I viewed the paints and put the idea out to him, he intially rolled his eyes. Rolling Eyes Perhaps, I am the more artistic and adventurous one. But, because he chose to break out of his comfort zone, it was quite the evening. One we will never forget. One which caused us to grow closer together. One.

When we were done doing each other we ended up creating a masterpiece that hangs above our bedroom fireplace. It is our reminder of an extremely intimate get-away. The layout of our home is such that our bedroom is tucked away. So, many guests never view our secret mastererpiece, Bliss in the Alps.

This story makes me say "You go, girl!" and "Good for you, Big Fella!" and"Wow, God your generosity is way too much but we'll take it anyway"


Janice said...

What a fabulous activity! I will never look at my paints the same again. This really gave me a whole new thought process when thinking about 'sex' and 'creation'. Thanks for sharing it. :)

Sensuous Wife said...

Glad you enjoyed it Janice. I was sure inspired by Esther's story. Paint on, sister, paint on! :)SW