Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sensuous Cook

I've started writing and photographing recipes while I cook and calling it The Sensuous Cook, which I'm compiling as a book and will share here and on a new blog Sensuous Cooks. Fun eh? Cause of course "alive to pleasure received through the senses" includes taste. Does it ever! And if you dance and sing while you cook it, so much the better.

I can hardly cook without music. My office is close to the kitchen and I'll cue up a playlist of music while I'm makin' dinner. I'll dance around the island and shimmy in front of the stove.
One of my favorite singers to cook to is Neil Diamond:
"warm touchin' warm reachin' out touchin' me touchin' you sweet caroline bah bah bahhh good times never seemed so good SO GOOD SO GOOD duh duh duh i'd be inclined bah bah bahhh..." and next thing you know we have a crab alfredo made from scratch. God, I love being a woman.


Cocotte said...

Crab alfredo? You make it sound so easy! But yeah, I could dig into some sensuous eating with that!

The Wild Man said...

Lucky live so close to the coast that it's not tough to get fresh crab! Where I live, I'd have to make lutefisk alfredo. :)

Mike said...

Crab...great. Now lets see a recipe for Cod.

Gemma said...

Have been to Pioneer Woman's cooking site: . You'd probably love it.

Sensuous Wife said...

Thanks for talkin' back to me!
Talkin' to y'all is way more fun than researching paperwork for my insurance claim which is what I was doing.

Well dig in Cocotte. It's not necessarily jiffy-pop easy, but it's fun and sensuous and rewarding. Like other worthwhile pursuits! ;)

WildMan, Lutefisk alfredo....(giggling)

Welcome, Mike! Nice to meetcha. I don't know that I have a recipe for Cod, but now I'll be looking for one, just for you.

Gemma, what a fun suggestion. I glanced at the site just now and I do love it!

Y'all be good. I'm making another batch of slow-smoked barbeque pork ribs this weekend. Some of the pictuers from the first batch didn't turn out, so I guess I'll just have to make another batch of delicious barbeque goodness.