Friday, May 9, 2008

Sexual Redemption Stories

Our life unfolds as a story. Each life story contains darkness and light, pain and healing, suffering and redemption in glory in our own custom-blended mix. Stories really speak to me. Most any story that shows a glimpse of healing or redemption will capture my interest. Since I've been very open about my journey from fractured abuse to whole hotness, you might imagine that stories that portray sexual redemption and healing will find a special place in my heart. Yep, you're right. They do.

I've put a new list on the sidebar called Sexual Redemption Stories. These books tell the story of one human's journey from painful abuse in their past to uninhibited joy with their spouse. Sometimes this uninhibited joy is (cough) rather uninhibited. Erotic even. I feel free to celebrate this married lack of inhibition for the healing that it is, but I realize some people feel uncomfortable with stories of an erotic nature, even if the eroticism is shown in married context. I want y'all to feel inspired not uncomfortable, so I've put an *next to those story titles. I trust you will let your discerning hearts lead you as you read.

I'll say a little about each book I post, by way of introduction, when I add them to the sidebar list.

And I want to hear from you!

Have you read a story that shows a journey away from pain toward uninhibited joy in the marriage bed?

I want to read 'em! And if they speak to me, I'll put 'em on the sidebar.

Any recommendations?

Oh, I guess I should add that I'm looking for stories that have an overall tone of love and redemption where the characters treat each other with love and respect and passion. Sometimes the character's painful past can be a bumpy ride, and I'm okay with that as long as the healing part of the journey is loving, healthy, passionate, respectful and relational destination.


I'm so looking forward to hearing what y'all recommend!


Who am I said...

Dear Sensuous Wife,

Happy Mother's Day. Hope you have a wonderful day with your family and maybe even some loving with your husband.

I really appreciate your Christian maturity that comes throug on your blog.

Sensuous Wife said...

Oh my goodness!
Thank you!
(look of surprise and delight on my face)

Who am I said...

If you think of it, maybe say a prayer for my wife and I. We have been apart because of farming, a good bit of the last month, I have seen her two weekends.

We are leaving in a bit to drive 800 miles to pick up our daughter from school. I am hoping that we can have some really good conversations and some great lovemaking.


Sensuous Wife said...

I'll agree with that prayer, who am i. Praying that you and your Mrs. enjoy the timeless unrushed feeling of being together and that the two of you connect on every level.

Alisun said...

I stumbled across your site on another blog, I so love the fact that you are open and willing to discuss sexuality as a wife. I will be reading more into your blog.
Thanks again.

Sensuous Wife said...

Thanks, Alisun. and welcome!

Looking forward to hearing from you again, SW