Friday, May 30, 2008

G-spot Giggles

Something happened in an interesting discussion today that gave me the giggles. A husband on TMB was lamenting the fact that he cannot seem to find his wife's g-spot. I was trying to convey the information without being too graphic, so I told him, "For many women the gspot isn't tangible until she has at least 1 clitoral O. Like a diva who doesn't show up till the second act. Mr. Green" Well, I think I got my point across without being too sexually graphic.

I'm a very visual person and I like Opera, so I imagined an opera stage and a gorgeous red dress diva waiting in the wings. The leading man sings to her "Come out and play, Lady G" and she shakes her head emphatically, tosses her hair and says, "I am the diva. I will not sing until the chorus has sung. I am no opening act, I am the headliner!"

(commence fit of giggles)

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Who am I said...

This is an amusing way to look at the situation.