Monday, May 5, 2008

Meme Six Random Things

  1. Roger Moore was the best James Bond by far.

  2. I really enjoy a well-crafted omelette. The nice hotel $25 per person brunch buffet kind with all manner of extravagant ingredients like tendercrisp steamed asparagus and lumb crabmeat. Nectar of the gods!

  3. I have discovered well into my thirties that I am a dancer...a woman who loves to dance. On the first day of my dance class I felt like I had found my tribe.

  4. I love to laugh and I have a very irreverent, mischievous, bawdy sense of humor.

  5. Peter is my favorite disciple. He's impulsive, mouthy and apt to lob off the bad guy's ear now and ask questions later. Yet, by the time Jesus got done with him, Peter was fearlessly telling everyone about Jesus' power to transform. There's hope for me yet!

  6. Neil Diamond is way hot. So is Bono. It's not the way they look, it's their beautiful dynamic hearts so at home in their bodies. They both give off a visible masculine energy that I respond to by grinning and blushing and focusing my considerable feminine charms on my husband as soon as possible. Neil and Bono are both living proof that sexiness doesn't have to fade with age.
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Jen said...

Oh, boy, if I find out you bellydance too I'll laugh.

Will do mine tomorrow, Mondays are always crazy. :)

Sensuous Wife said...

Till tomorrow then!

Jemila Kwon said...

It's up :)

Jen said...

All right, it's late, but..'tis up...!

Cahleen 何凱琳 said...

I finally did it! Thanks for tagging me, because now I feel special. =)