Monday, May 26, 2008

The Glory Outshines the Agony

I received a wonderful email today telling me "your outlook is a real encouragement to me" I replied right away "I'm so glad my outlook is an encouragement. It's what I want. This last 6 months or so I've gotten real comfortable with my humanity and letting myself struggle and be imperfect. I want the glory to outshine the agony."

Isn't that the truth?

I want the glory to outshine the agony.

Both the glory and the agony are real. I'm be a lyin' sumbitch if I told you otherwise!
But if we let God have the last word in our lives, the glory really can outshine the agony.

(snif) (wipe tear)

Okay. Now y'all remind me this next time. M'kay?



Who am I said...


I thought you might be interested. The other day, I was listening to Beth Moore and she was talking about God's redemption, and Christ in us shining through. She pointed out that the last thing to be redeemed is our body-after we die, because He is renewing that inner man now.

I had never thought of it that way.

I appreciate your honesty about the glory and the agony of being human.

Sensuous Wife said...

I love Beth Moore. Thank you for telling me that. I might have never heard her say that if you hadnt told me.

Jen said...

Though I'll admit to being still rather confuzzled about what is going on, clearly it's frustrating and stressful...

All I know, and all I've ever been able to cling to during the darkest, most hopeless hours of my life is the knowledge, the assurance that God the Father has it all under control. Too many times I've said to Him, "I have no idea where I am...other than safely in Your hands. And You know exactly where I am even beyond and within that."

In our weakness, He shows Himself strong. He lifts us up not just because He loves us, but for His own glory and to draw others to Him. HIS glory shall always outshine the agony! And part of that glory is indeed being real, being honest (especially with Him, because come on, He knows what we're thinking anyhow) but still pointing to God with all confidence and hope. Having done all to stand...stand. It's not winning the battle that counts to Him, I've learned; it's the standing in faith.

He's got it. Fear not!

Sensuous Wife said...

Thank you Jen. What a lovely thing to say. That was absolutely beautiful.

Who am I said...

Beth Moore is doing a verse by verse study of Romans on a weekly radio program. Go to and look over at the right. The shows are archived.

I think the other day she was talking about Abraham and Job, who even though they were going through alot of stuff they couldn't understand- still trusted God.

Beth Moore also has a two minute daily program called "A Quick Word" and she is on TV with Robinson's.

She is my favorite Bible teacher male or female. I think why I like her so much is that she does dig into the Greek and Hebrew, and she is willing to say- "Here is the evidence for view A on this topic and here is the evidence for view B on this topic." She will tell you where she is on that topic but on lots of topics will admit that we just won't know for sure until heaven.

It is so sad that so often theologians set their foot down on so many topics, and are unwilling to discuss other possible views.