Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Three and a Half Seconds

God did it again. Made me feel gorgeous when I didn't expect it.

I was wearing an especially womanly woman dress at work yesterday. A fetching little number with cap sleeves, a sailor bow neckline with a tiny amount of peekabo cleavage and a twirly knee-length skirt. I always feel like I've stepped onto the set of a forties World War Two movie when I wear this dress. I even wore pearls and red lipstick. Makes me feel so good!

Delighted Husband had left for work before I did and since I often change into something more comfortable when I get home from work, I doubted he'd see me in this dress. So I wasn't really thinking about my lover seeing me all dolled up, I just did it for me.

So I was lost in thought around lunchtime while on my way to see one of my girlfriends for a drive by hugging. You know that thing where you don't have an entire lunch hour but you take the elevator to your friend's floor just to give her a hug and chat for 5 minutes? Well I love those drive by huggings. It's like the relational version of taking a hit at an oxygen bar. (deep breath happy sigh).

So I was scurrying along the shiny marble floors of Corporate America when I had to pause to wait for an elevator. As I was entering the elevator lobby, a tall stranger was leaving the elevator lobby. He was olive skinned and foreign, although I couldn't tell from where. For three and a half seconds, Olive Skinned Foreigner's eyes met mine for an instant, traveled down my body and up again to meet my eyes with a luminious look of assessment and delight. His friends continued to talk to him and he ignored them. For three and a half seconds, this man looked at me like I was a Ferrarri.

I couldn't tell where he was from by looking at him, could have been the Meditteranean, could have been somewhere in the East. Wherever Olive Skinned Foreigner was from, he was from one of those places in the world where it's not considered rude to stare at a woman for three and a half seconds with a look of frank assessment and obvious delight. Different cultures have very different ideas about feminine beauty. Many foreign cultures admire and embrace voluptuous women. Literally.

Well he admired me but he didn't embrace me.
Those three and a half seconds made me feel like my lungs were full of helium and my heels were an inch off the ground.

I told Delighted Husband all about it during our date that evening.
He laughed with his eyes sparkling and gave me a frank assessment of his own. Then he put his arm around my waist and let his hand accidentally stray to pat my butt before going back to my waist. He's allowed to.

God, I love being a woman!


Anonymous said...

I'm new and really appreciating what you're doing here, and a bit jealous of what you and your husband have. Wife and I are going through a rough patch, and this is therapeutic in a way.

This one has me a bit conflicted though. How are we to know which women would appreciate this type of 'affirmation' and which ones will think we're just pervs, and kick us in the shins with their stillettos?

Cocotte said...

WOOT for SW!

Sensuous Wife said...

Welcome, anonymous!
I like being appreciated. I do put a lot of my heart into this blog. Hmmm... jealous. Well first of all that word has a little bit different meaning for everyone. I wrote about my meaning for jealous on "Jealousy, Envy, and Why I Left the Rant". You may want to read that.

I deliberately started this blog to share my joy and make husbands and wives hungry for more. More healing, more joy, more zest in their own marriage. So if you're feeling a lil' inspired, then good! It brings tears to my eyes at the thought of couples all over deciding to go for more after reading my stories of Delighted Husband and me. It's been a deliberate thing, having the powerful attraction that we have all these years later. A lot of teeny and big and a few gynormous good choices, some humility, some therapy and God blessing our efforts.

As for your question, gosh, I have no idea. I can tell you that in so much of life, intent is everything. Whether I'm receiving a look or a massage, I have very good radar and I think most women do too. I can FEEL the difference between a predatory leer and an admiring glance. Reverence is the word I would use to describe the difference.

hey girl! (grin) You are SUCH a good complimenter! (beaming)