Monday, July 14, 2008

I am SO glad I went to the gym

I nearly bout fell asleep today around 3pm. Tahrd as we say in the South. I took off at 4 and drove straight home, with visions of high thread count sheets dancing in my head. Nice. soft. bed. sleep. short nap. before Delighted Husband gets home. Ahhhhh.....
But right as I turned into my subdivision, I thought, "Wait. How long has it been since I've been to the gym? Nearly a week. Eeek."
So I turned the car around and drove to the gym, promising my griping and complaining body that if I still wanted sleep when I got home after the gym, I could have sleep.

It was hard to get in the groove. I made my way around the circuit. Ho hum. Then this song

came up on the playlist rotation. God, yes. Thank you Sheryl! Followed immmediately by A Change Will Do You Good. Okay, yeah. I get it already. I started to feel my groove.

The rest of the workout was a sweaty happy mess. And of course I feel wonderful and have no desire to sleep now. Can you say 'give the girl some oxygen'? I knew you could! ;)

PS Tom, you will be pleased to hear I did not dodge the mirrors. And honestly, what I thought was "hey my arms are smaller" (yay) "hey my boobs are not" (YAY) and "holy cow, I'm jogging in place, not just stepping lively. and it feels good!" (big enormous YAY)
(laughing) -SW


Tom Allen said...


You go, grrl!

And trust me, in a few months, your hub is gonna be lovin' that shapely back of yours, too!

Sensuous Wife said...

(grin) why thank you!
Oh Tom he loves my caboose already. But I turn flirting with my husband into an Olympic sport, so as my body changes, it'll be fun to see new fun ways I can get a rise of out him.

Who am I said...

Way to go SW. My wife just said that today was her best day yet at Curves. I am guessing she has been going 6 weeks. We have been apart quite a bit, I am excited most of all about the changes in her attitude about her self. I know the physical will come also.

Kyra said...

Way to go! It is amazing how a good workout gives you energy, doesn't take it away at all.

Trooper Thorn said...

You can't overestimate the power of good music. Imagine if it had been Perry Como singing instead of Sheryl Crow?

Sensuous Wife said...

thank you! and welcome, Trooper Thorn. Nice to meetcha!