Friday, July 11, 2008

The Joy of Naked Haircuts

One evening, Delighted Husband had an important meeting the next day and he hadn't had time to make it to the hair salon. He asked me if I could give him a haircut, and I said I'd give it a try. I'd seen my mom give my dad haircuts in the kitchen for years growing up. I snipped a little, and used the beard trimmer from his electric razor to trim up his neck. He loved the results, and I had fun doing it.

The next month, he didn't even bother trying for a hair appointment. He asked me to do it. I said sure, and went to the beauty supply store to buy him a cape and a good pair of haircutting shears. So he perched on a bar stool, put the cape on and I began to cut his hair. The problem was that all these little hairs got on my clothes because I didn't have a cape. Well, I fixed that problem! (wink)
I took my clothes off.
Not to be outdone, and perhaps hoping to be done, Delighted Husband took his clothes off too.
I did manage to finish his haircut.
That was 7 years ago.
I've been giving him naked haircuts ever since.
It's SO much FUN!
Sometimes, just flirting with eye contact, sometimes a little lap dance. Flirting, groping, fondling, and eventually... (blush) (grin)
I have gotten pretty good at haircutting too!
I only know how to do 1 style, though. He doesn't mind. -SW


Who am I said...

My wife has talked about cutting my hair,but for whatever reason I have always resisted.

This might convince me.

Sensuous Wife said...

Y'all have fun!
In fact, I'd love to meet your Mrs, so why don't you print off the article and your comment and give it to her and tell her I'd love it if she stopped by to say hi.
(smile) (wave)
Sensuous Wife

BigMama said...

Hmmmm... I cut hubby's hair, but we haven't done it in the buff yet. We're hoping to have a fully naked couple of days next weekend and I think hubby's hair is looking a little scraggy... (though those little hairs getting in *ahem* certain places seems a little scary!)

An Artist Exposed said...

That was such a lovely joyful peep into togetherness. Thanks for sharing it.

Sensuous Wife said...

Well bigmama, you certainly have to do the lapdance in the early stages where you are just combing out his wet hair, not after you actually start working with the scissors and there are little snippets of hair all over the place. This early flirting stage can go on for quite some time.

and You're welcome, artistexposed. Nice to meetcha! Thanks for visiting and commenting.

Tink said...

Sometimes, just flirting with eye contact, sometimes a little lap dance. Flirting, groping, fondling, and eventually... (blush) (grin)

You told me no blushing. What's up with that!