Thursday, July 10, 2008


wells deep inside me
sweet salty lifegiving water
flowing flowing flowing
like Jacob's well a
neverending stream of more more more
more lifegiving words of humanness and pathos and pain and beauty and joy so big it
cannot be contained
in my skin
so it spills out
joy so big i cry it out come it out sing it out shout it out
tears and nectar and notes and words
joy joy joy joy joy joy joy joy joy joy joy joy joy joy joy
big audacious joy that would be obnoxious
were she not so charming
in her childlike invitation
sit down play alongside her
a playground built for two to which the whole world is invited
come as you are come as you are come as you are
life and joy and healing beckon


Who am I said...

did something happen that you have alot of joy today, or are you longing for more joy

Sensuous Wife said...

I wrote this poem straight from my heart a few weeks ago. I set aside some time to write and after reading some books of poetry, my writing tap turned on and a rush of poems came out. I waited for a special day to post this one...last night Delighted Husband and I made love in a spontaneous, passionate, marvelous, satisfying way. I lay there in afterglow and thought, "tomorrows the day for the joy poem"

Kyra said...

I really like the poem, though perhaps I am out of touch with joy and feel only a slight connection to it. Still I feel the joy emanating from the writer and it put a smile on my face.

Knowing the background of why you posted it only afterward, then rereading was insightful.

Hug, Kyra

Sensuous Wife said...

Kyra, I'm so glad.
Hugs back,