Monday, July 7, 2008

Text Message Sex

One of my favorite things about our marriage is how we get the giggles over the everyday things in life. Delighted Husband and I were out and about running errands when I received a text message from one of my best girlfriends. I started to type out a reply and then decided what the heck I'd just call her. When I called her I got voicemail. I was so puzzled by this. I mentioned this to Delighted Husband and he wondered out loud, "I bet they're having sex and that's why she couldn't answer the phone when you called." I giggled and said something like "well good for her". Delighted Husband said "I wonder what the text message would sound like if she actually DID send you a text message while having sex with her husband?" By this point we were fullon laughing. We imagined the text message would look something like this: iiiiii ccant taaaaaalkkkkk nnnnowwww OMG OMG OMG


Kyra said...

She would definitely push the character limits of the text message!

When I first read the post, I thought you and Delighted Husband were engaging in a little text msg foreplay ;-) don't knock it. It can be fun!

Sensuous Wife said...

Hon, I am totally sold on how fun text message foreplay can be. When either Delighted Husband or I have to travel without each other, hot text messages keep the home fires burnin! ;)

thanks for posting!

Kyra said...

Ha! How could I ever think otherwise? You continue to be my hero. Hugs again, Kyra

tammy said...

Your blog is fantastic! Totally Fabulous! I am recommending it in my next book!

Tammy Maltby

Sensuous Wife said...

Goodness! Thanks Tammy!
(grin of surprise and delight)
y'all come back now, ya' hear!
Big joy right back atcha,
Sensuous Wife

Who am I said...


Did you happen to check out

Her book sounds awesome. Wonder if it is in the bookstores.

Sounds like a similar message to "The True Faced Experience" which is a studdy that really helps Christians to become more authentic.

Seems like I go back and forth, sometimes I open up, and then I retreat.