Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fond Farewell to Paul Newman

Delighted Husband and I were with the kids eating burgers and ice cream at Sonic this Saturday afternoon when I heard the news of Paul Newman's passing. My first words were "Ohhhh bless her heart. Joanne has just lost her friend and lover and partner of 50 years."

Besides his professional legacy as an artist and philanthropist, when I think of Paul Newman, I think of one of the longest lasting marriages in the movie industry. I have immense respect for that. For this reason, my ears were quick to listen tonight when we happened across a rebroadcast of Paul's interview on Larry King Live.

Larry asked, "What is the secret to a lasting marriage?"

Paul's answer: "Lust, respect, patience and determination."

Wise words. My deep condolences to Joanne and their family. My profound respect to her husband.

May we all weave lust for each other, respect for each other, patience with each other and determination to stay together into the fabric of our marriages.


CageQueen said...

Another great Paul quote in regards to Joanne and infidelity:

"Why go out for hamburger when I can have steal at home?"

embracingeveryday said...

Well said by Mr. Newman... Thanks for dropping by my blog and thanks for sharing te best way to live: through our senses!

BigMama said...

What a fantastic quote from Mr. Newman! Thanks for sharing that one.

Sensuous Wife said...

Thanks cagequeen, and welcome. nice to meetcha!

embracingeveryday, I'm so glad you stopped by. I enjoyed reading your blog.

You're welcome, bigmama! The moment I heard him say that, my jaw dropped and I said, "oh that is SO going in my blog!" :)

movie fan said...

it's hard not to admire Paul Newman for putting his money to work in such productive ways, such as his Newman's Own line--high quality stuff and the proceeds go to good causes... very smart.