Monday, September 15, 2008

Good Humans in Houston

I am in awe of the men in my family. The way they plan ahead and take care of their family. The way they show up and get it done and take care of others.

And on a larger scale, I'm so moved by the way good humans in my city are showing up and getting it done and taking care of others. Yesterday when I drove Delighted Husband to the hospital where he was serving on a relief team, I kissed him and told him I was so proud of him. As I walked around the shagmobile to get to the drivers seat, I saw a group of nurses walking toward the door. They looked tired. Mussed hair here, wrinkled scrubs there. Something stirred in my heart. I walked up to them made eye contact and said, "Girls, I"ll tell you the same thing I just told my husband when I dropped him off. You're making a difference in the world today." They started to cry then grabbed hold of their composure and said "Thank you. I needed to hear that today." For a moment, we stood there with tears in our eyes, just being good humans.

A note of gratitude. When we bought the shagmobile, it was very important to Delighted Husband and I that it have 4 wheel drive. We had to wait several days longer to get a vehicle with 4 wheel drive. Lemme tell you folks, the shagmobile was worth waiting for. Driving Delighted Husband from MIL house to hospital and myself back to MIL house, the 4 wheel drive kicked in several times to make it there and back. I am so thankful we held out for 4 wheel drive. I believe that was God stirring our hearts to wait and not take the other more easily available 2 wheel drive vehicles when we bought the car. God knew we would need it.

I miss my Delighted Husband. He's working eating sleeping on site while he serves on the relief team. Hopefully he'll be able to come home in a few days. Whether home is MIL house or our house I don't know. If the power comes back on and we can get some dehumidifiers going, I think a lot of things in our house can be saved.


Cocotte said...

SW, You've been in my thoughts and prayers, even though I haven't been here, due to illness. I'm so happy to hear that you are doing well and pray that you are able to return to your home soon and that the damage will be minimal. Love ya girlfriend!

The Wild Man said...

Praying for you, sis. I've got a sister living there, too, and in much the same stew that you are in.