Friday, September 5, 2008

Sometimes our feelings lie to us

I have a skinned knee. It got banged up pretty bad when I took a spill last Friday. Torn ligaments on the right and skinned knee on the left.

I noticed something this morning and I believe it has a deeper meaning. My knee hurts. It hurts nearly all the time. At night, when I go to bed, just the touch of the sheets touching my knee is painful. And it has happened every dang night. And I found myself starting to think in a whiny tone, "Well daaaang it's never going to get any betterrrr. It still hurrrrrrrts!". Then I looked at my knee. This morning, I took a good look at it, and there is a ring of fresh new pink skin all the way around the scab. It IS getting better! Healing more by the second. Sometimes our feelings lie to us. Whether it's our sensation feelings or our emotion feelings, they don't always tell us the whole truth.


The Wild Man said...

You betcha boots, sis. Feelings lie to us. And it's just as easy to believe their lies at 50 as it is at 30 or 10. And the louder the emotions scream at us, the easier it is to believe them. So how do I push back against the lies? Well, first, I have to say that I do a piss-poor job of it, but when I am successful, it has been because I haven't reacted to them immediately, but held back long enough to give God a chance to help me understand the lies.

Tom Allen said...

Sometimes our feelings lie to us. Whether it's our sensation feelings or our emotion feelings, they don't always tell us the whole truth.

Is it our feelings, or is it our own interpretation of those feelings?

I once read in interesting perspective which said that what we call our feelings is where our inner philosophy meets our reality.

Sensuous Wife said...

When I first read "betcha boots, sis" I felt like I'd just received a hug. what a wonderful feeling when you're purposed in your heart to go for personal growth, and you have a little aha moment and somebody says "me too" it feels like they're saying "welcome to the human race".

I laughed out loud when you used "piss-poor" and "God" in the same sentence. That's the brand of earthy spirituality that works for me.

Sensuous Wife said...

Welcome, Tom Allen. You make an interesting point. I guess we could say that sometimes our perception is skewed--our interpretation is "off".

Who am I said...

Dear SW,

This is a great analogy, or word picture.

I couldn't help not thinking about how it applies to forgiveness. So often I have been told, and I agree that forgiveness is a choice. Sometimes I have sincerely worked with God, or God and a counselor to forgive someone, including saying the words I forgive as sincerely as I knew how at the time, and yet I would still have all these ugly feelings and question the sincerity of my forgiveness, but then later in a few days, I knew in my heart there was a release and my emotions were better.

Sorry for the run on sentence. Again- a great post.

Sensuous Wife said...

Great to hear your comment, WAI. Isn't it wonderful when our emotions catch up with our good choices? But sometimes it's a leap of faith. Thanks for sharing your encouragement.