Monday, June 2, 2008

New Direction

Hey y'all. Remember when I said, "I wish there was a way for me to get paid to talk about love in all its forms, sex, marriage, healing, personal growth, and receiving all the joy our five senses have to offer." Well God is granting me the desire of my heart.

I'm gonna get to hang out with y'all a lot more often!
and I'm so happy about that!

Remember that husband I was giving some suggestions to when I got the g-spot giggles? Well, right after that, another TMB husband asked me, "are you going to be putting together a recommended toy list with best price links for us?"

and it hit me. Honest to God, I've been so busy with my current job that I forgot. I'm already a Liberator reseller. You know, I actually got the paperwork approved quite some time ago. I am a Liberator reseller. It's my heart to offer Liberator products at a discount with enough profit to make it worth my while. I've got the URL reserved, I just haven't spent the development time and money to do the site.

If y'all would join me in praying about this, it would really mean a lot to me. With my current job coming to an end, now might be the right time to bring the online store to life. I need wisdom and direction as I want to do what's right for my family. As far as I can tell, that means I continue to earn an income. It would mean a lot to me to earn that income by helping women and helping marriages.

Okay. That was Friday.

It's Monday afternoon, and I hardly know where to start, so I guess I'll start by saying Wow! Shocked Very Happy

God was really busy this weekend.
So was I.
In less than an hour since I first posted this prayer need, I've received offers to help get the website started and orders for Liberator products before the first page of the website even goes live!

I remember from waaay back in the day when I did Henry Blackaby's Experiencing God Bible study, he said "pray, and then watch what God does." "God is doing a work and he invites us to join what He is already doing."

God is obviously doing a work healing women and awakening marriages and he is allowing me to tell my story and play a part.

(happy sigh) My God. {literally}

I'm continuing to work on the project management and writing the content for the new site In the meantime, the site is forwarded to this blog. Can y'all please pray for a really good CPA who understands e-commerce? So far, everything y'all pray for, God has been serving up on a silver platter, so I'd be dumb not to ask for more!


PS It means the world to me that I'll be able to work at home with the kids this summer. I'm so deeply grateful. Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement.

One more thing....
I'm still doing my old job for a while which means I'm working two jobs right now. Please pray for strength and protection and quality time with my family.


The Kay Family said...

praying for you dear one and so excited for you!

Cahleen 何凱琳 said...

How exciting! It's always fun when a new season in life begins. The possibilities are endless! I'll be praying for you, and I want to reply to your sweet email too, but I'm waiting until I have more time to actually sit down and think about what I'm writing.

Sensuous Wife said...

How rich am I to have women like you in my life.

Who am I said...

I think it is an awesome idea to get your store up and going with Liberator products.

Maybe you will get big enough to convince them to have some pictures with clothed models or maybe you could find someone to do clothed modeling of Liberator products for your site.

Do you use Liberator, and if you do what products do you have and now do you like them?

Have you ever tried Bliss the computer game, it might be another good product for helping people talk about sexual issues.

Sensuous Wife said...

Thanks, WAI. One of my goals for is to display the liberator products in a tasteful way that shows no more skin then I'd see at a public beach.

Yes, we've used several Liberator products and have quite enjoyed them (to put it mildly!). We have the Ramp, Wedge, Whirl, Zepplin and both kinds of Throes. We also have several of their Pleasure Objects from Lelo, Emotional Bliss, and The Cone.

I tried Bliss and it never really appealed to me. Other communication methods worked for us in the course of our working with a sex therapist. I don't have a negative opinion of Bliss, I just took a different path toward the same goal of open honest playful communication of sexual desires with my husband.

Thanks for your support! I look forward to your visiting the new site when it's open.

Who am I said...

wow, sounds like you do have alot of liberator stuff. One thing you might do that I as a prospecitive customer would find interesting, is to write short personal reviews of each product, how you use them, some favorite positions, etc.

You could also have some guest reviews by some people like Gemma.

Sensuous Wife said...

Great ideas, WAI. Thanks for your suggestions.

Who am I said...

I am curious about anything you would be willing to share that you learned in sex therapy about communicating with your husband.

BTW- how does sex therapy differ from regular counseling, and was it done by a Christian with a Christian perspective?

Sensuous Wife said...

Sex therapy is by definition very personal and confidential. Pretty much everything that I share here—all the good points—were made possible by the growth and learning I did through counseling. The growth and learning that we did through counseling. I feel that me revealing the specific content of our counseling sessions would be inappropriate and counterproductive. If you and I both had a sore throat and I went to the doctor, the course of treatment that the doctor decided on after examining me might not work for you. You might even have an allergy to whatever medicine the doctor gave me. Does that make sense? The therapists gave me what I needed because they got to know me and we figured out together what that was. I can't do that for you. You can't get whatever specific direction you may need secondhand from me.

The closest thing I can recommend as far as examples from what couples learned in sex therapy would be three books written by sex therapists that have anonymous couples' stories in the book. A Celebration of Sex, Restoring the Pleasure, and Passionate Marriage all have couples stories that show lessons they learned and how they grew. I found those books immensely comforting and relevant and helpful. In fact, questions I jotted down while reading these books (How would this apply to me? How do I do this? etc.) were great conversation starters for therapy sessions.

From my point of view as a client, a sex therapist is a regular counselor who has additional training in sexual function and sexual behavior and the emotional and relational dynamics of sex and the ability to coach people on how to overcome sexual difficulties. Like an ear nose and throat doctor and a general practitioner. They are both doctors but one is a specialist and likely a better choice to go to if you have chronic sinus infections.

The sex therapist we worked with is a Christian and did offer us wonderful help on integrating our sexuality and our spirituality. They also prayed for us which was marvelous.

Who am I said...

Sounds wonderful. Thanks for the insights and the reminder of the three books.

So glad you have had so much healing and that you share so openly.