Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wanty Wanty

(smile of mama delight and fond remembrance) That's what Dear Son used to say when he was a toddler and he saw something he wanted. It wasn't a demand. (you must get that for me now) It wasn't a request. (mommy will you please get that for me) It was just an unedited spontaneous organic expression of desire. (oooh!)
I have a lot to learn from that kid.

And sometimes baby talk is the best shortcut past all the doubletalk and backpedaling we grownups do in our heads.

So. When I saw this poster telling me that Sarah Groves AND Derek Webb AND Charlie Peacock will be pouring out their hearts in song ALL IN THE SAME ROOM??

What else can I say at the mere prospect of getting the poetwoman who sneaks into my secret thoughts like the tooth fairy and then writes perfect gems, the secret ingredient that makes Caedmon's Call sound so good, and the beloved ally who validated my experience as an artist and as a woman and invited me to reach out for more in both arenas and was good enough to show me how and all within the covers of a book called New Way to be Human and with his kind words and listening eyes when Delighted Husband and I met him at a show. My God. What else can I say, but "Wanty, wanty!"

I have no idea how Himself will meet this desire of mine. But I'm going on the record. You heard it here.


BigMama said...

Oh my heavens. Wanty wanty indeed! I heart Webb.

Sensuous Wife said...

It would just be too cool for words if we got to attend the same show.