Tuesday, June 3, 2008

School Issue Resolved

I had a long, productive, encouraging meeting with the Superintendent of the School District today. PhD and everything. I left the meeting with a deep sense of relief and resolve. She apologized for everything the school had put me through and assured me that she would make sure it would not happen again. I believe her. I could have pushed a little further and asked for an apology from the offending parties at the school, but I chose to heave a sigh of relief and let the school year go and let my mind sink into the relaxation mode of Summer. Summer has its own challenges trying to keep bright little minds busy while I am working. But y'all, I have a deep sense in my heart that the war with the school is over. Praise the Lord. Thank you all for your prayers. I knew you'd wanna know as soon as I had news.

PS I am SO relieved! Oh my God. I have a crinkly green bag of new books from Barnes and Noble and an icy cold sugarfree decaf cinnamon dolce from Starbucks callin' my name. Oooh. Good for the soul.


Who am I said...

PTL This is awesome. So glad for you.

Cocotte said...

I am SO happy for you SW. Trust me, I know how school issues can be, as I have children in both the gifted and special ed tracks. Some years, it's good to just be thankful it's over and that your child can start fresh in the fall with new teachers. Good for you for standing up for your child and persuing this matter all the way to the top.

Hey - coffee AND new books? You are my kind of lady SW!

Sensuous Wife said...

Oh cocotte, I wish we could have coffee together and enjoy a good mama chat. You seem to really understand the challenges of mothering and the push and pull of wanting to address children's special needs. Thank you for that. I needed that encouragement. Earlier today, a reader expressed concern for my children's welfare so I added an epilogue to Our Bodies Matter to Jesus.