Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Stay Sensuous

A dear friend of mine closed our conversation with those words.
and you know what?
He was absolutely right.

It's so easy to get caught up in the cares of this life and forget to stay sensuous and deliberately remain alive to pleasure.

One of the things that really inspires me to keep the home fires simmering is to read stories from another wife who is enthusiastically enjoying her husband. And just such a wife shared her story and I was inspired. Please allow me to introduce my new friend Gemma. She's wayyy in love with her husband, Gemma's Ravisher, and she's not ashamed to talk about it. I admire her candor and her passion for her husband and her God. Now, dearies, if frank sexy talk offends you, then perhaps Gemma's not your cup of tea. The rest of you, enjoy! I think Gemma poses an excellent question, "Why do spouses allow the busyness of life to take priority over their sex lives? Would someone please give me a good reason "why"??? What could be more important than tending to our passion for each other?"
Last night Delighted Husband and did a little something about that. Okay a big something. Okay, a shagfest. He was a little surprized at my fervor since it had only been a few days but for me a few days with nary a sexual thought or twinge of desire is an ETERNITY. But we're all back on track. I squirm just remembering. (ooooh)

God is good. Giving me the little nudge in the right direction. He knows what I need better than I do. And what I needed was several doses of Delighted Husband Love.


Gemma said...

Hey there, Sensuous Wife!

It is such a treat to have found your blog. I, too, enjoy reading marriage stories from other wives and even stories from husbands. Now if I can figure out how to find all those blogs. (But I have to ask you- What is a "shagfest"?)

Thank you for the lovely introduction you gave me; you are too kind. Keep taking regular doses of your DHL and enjoy your marriage bed.


Sensuous Wife said...

Welcome, Gemma!!
(smile) well, a shagfest is a compound word. The first word "shag" is a British slang term for "copulate". The second word "fest" is short for "festival". Put the two together and you get "copulation festival". When I use "shagfest" I mean, "we really went to town and went all out in erotic celebration in our party for two". But saying it that way takes sooo long to type. So I prefer to say "shagfest".

I also like the term shagfest because it generally means "joyous uninhibited extended lovemaking session for two partners" instead of sex party which generally means "an orgy with many participants."

Gemma said...

Ah, I get it now. Thanks for explaining.

Sensuous Wife said...

If your posts are any indicator, then Gemma you and GR have been having shagfests for quite some time now! ;)SW

Gemma said...

I wish it had been for "some time".... as in years. However, our last 15 months have been one glorious shagfest after another and for that I say, life is good; God is good.