Monday, March 17, 2008

Why do we cry when we come?

Why do we cry?
Why do we cry when we come? Not every time, perhaps, but why do we sob in those gasping tender moments just after?

It is because we have desired and desired and desired and desired hoping with a fierce burning white hot longing and then….we were not disappointed!to the relief of the soul!

Our soul so profoundly relieved to have displayed our desire so vulnerably and having our desire not abandoned or left to go hungry, but instead having our desire met with recognition and eager urgent nurture.

Our soul’s profound relief when our lover offers us themself unhurried yet urgent, unaware of time but completely absorbed in the tenuous interplay of desire and pleasure, pleasure and desire, asked and answered.

What relief of the soul can be found in the embrace of a lover who wants nothing more than to watch our pleasure unfold, shiver by delicious whimpering shiver.

And then we want and want and want and want our lover’s glorious urgency to keep going for we will surely die if they stop.

And then the exultant cry as we are surprised by a joy we intently, secretly, then openly longed for but we really only hoped existed.

(another excerpt from Erotic Mystic: Musings on God and Sex)


Howard said...

It is most certainly one of the most beautiful aspects of creation - that 'two' become 'one' in such a deep and exquisite fashion. Here, I think, at such a profound level (with both body and soul), we are allowed to 'taste' something akin to the richness of fellowship and union which exists within the Godhead - an almost indescribable merging which truly ravishes the whole of us and thereby affirms the goodness of personhood - the goal, in many respects, of creation and redemption.

Sensuous Wife said...

Yes, Howard, yes!
That's it exactly.

It's more than waves of physical sensation, it's a merging of spirits that affirms us to our core.

Eleutheros can probably put this much better than I can but I'll attempt... There's something so profoundly generous and good about a God who is rich fellowship and union in the Godhead and who creates us in His image so we are capable of experiencing just a taste of of this glorious profound oneness. and if that were all, then full stop we are blessed and He is generous. And to give us such pleasurable lessons to teach us a greater Reality, now that's just generous almost beyond belief, but not quite.

I'm grinning at the pickup line that emerges from that concept. "Hey Baby, I'm feeling the trinitarian urge to merge!" (giggle) Yes husbands and wives still use pickup lines. On each other.

Howard said...
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Cocotte said...

The safety and acceptance by your beloved is unmatched by anything else here on Earth. I agree with Howard that it is a "foretaste of the feast to come."

I remember fondly the tears of joy and relief I shed on our wedding night when my husband and I made love for the first time. Exquisite memories!

Howard said...

The deepest riches of existence is to truly 'know' someone - our partner, those we love, and the 'connection' we have to His handiwork...and then, 'that I might know Him...the power of His resurrection, the fellowship of His sufferings' - all of this aids us to become partakers of a nature that will forever express that 'joy unspeakable and full of glory' - it makes you realize why the Apostle John, when he viewed the new creation, cried 'come Lord Jesus' - what a gift to be part of something so amazing!