Thursday, February 21, 2008

Prayer is Good

Prayer is good. Receiving prayer is good. Giving prayer is good. Enjoying prayer by yourself just you and God is good too. The next time you talk to Himself, would you please ask him to dump an extra measure of grace on us? I know Delighted Husband and I really need an extra scoop of grace right now. And you know Himself, if you ask him for a scoop, he gives you a truckload. That would be fine too. -SW


Happy said...

will do, SW. Hope He answers quickly. :)

hey, i'm learning a few dance steps... :)

Fasting, Repentance, and Freedom

peace be with you, and grace abundant.

Sensuous Wife said...

Thank you, Happy.
Himself is answering and I'm hungry for more. I think he's okay with that. ;)

oh and the peace? and the abundance? I receive that, too!