Saturday, March 15, 2008

Garden of Delight

Today I'm enjoying the sense of sight and smell and touch and hearing and the deep inner knowing of sensuous self-awareness. And I'm getting very dirty in the process!

What am I doing?

I'm reflowering my garden. Four flats of petunias are making themselves at home in beds and boxes and pots all over my garden.

I LOVE flowers. Y'all know this. Many of you may remember the last time I experienced the Sacred Romance, God gave me flowers. Well He's done it again, and this time I don't just get to look at them, I get to play with them. I say play because truly it feels like the delighted absorption of child's play instead of the hurried labor of landscaping by the clock.

The petunias, big rich purple blossoms heavy with scent, are so vibrant and extravagant with blooms 4 inches across they run the risk of being gaudy, but instead they come across as unashamedly profligate—self-satisfied in their fragrant velvety elegance.

The cool but not too cool breeze wafting over my skin feels soothing and refreshing. As though the very air is saying "wake up" and "welcome back" to skin exposed by my that hasn't seen outdoor light all the long winter. Skin that was apparently quite appreciated...according to the the admiring glance of the teenaged boys in the neighborhood. Their admiring looks hidden in friendly greetings both embarrassed and flattered me. At my age! (giggle)

All the kids in the neighborhood must be away at soccer games or indoors playing gamecube, because they're not outdoors playing their happy screaming games of chase. It's so quiet outdoors I can hear the birds singing. No noise. Not even a lawnmower! It's just my day. A present from Himself.

I've long thought that all creation quietly sings with Eros and today only confirms my suspicion.

There's something so earthy and wonderful about laying down on your belly, propped up by your elbows, at eye level with soil and earthworms and leaves and mulch and sweet delicate blossoms attached to living green stems attached to roots so overgrown and eager for new soil that they look like tufts of white hair. These little plants are so ALIVE just teeming with life and fertility and color! I love the voracious nature of roots growing beyond the plastic pot searching reaching demanding MORE MORE MORE!

So yeah I like my gardening. ;)

And I also savor this feminine self-awareness deep inside, knowing that even though my knees and elbows are caked with dirt, my aquasocks are caked with mud and my gloves are so dirty the sunny yellow is barely visible, I feel a secret satisfied joy in knowing that underneath all that dirt is a woman all beautifully manicured and pedicured and lovely. There is beauty above the dirt (my lovely petunias) and there is beauty underneath the dirt (my lovely me).

Fertility and beauty and color and joy!
God, I love being a woman.


Eleutheros said...


You are truly a Woman of The Earth and Sensual!

Something you know how to enjoy for being, first, a human of Heaven.

I wish that all God's humans could experience the delights of the Earth we were created to know, just as you do.

And, you know, one day they all will!


Sensuous Wife said...

thank you!

I never thought about it quite that way, but you're right, Eleutheros. Being a Woman of Heaven has enabled me to be a Woman of the Earth and the Sensual. Once Himself breathes into me the breath of life, the Spiritual and the Physical truly come alive.

Enjoying Himself is the way to truly enjoy yourself. —SW

Gemma said...

I am not (yet) a gardener, by any stretch of the imagination, but I can appreciate reading about your earthy pleasures. Enjoy your spring and upcoming summer in the garden.

Sensuous Wife said...

Thank you, Gemma. If gardening is not your thing, I'm sure you will find (or have found) other opportuntiesto experience pleasure through the senses throughout all of life, not just in the bedroom.

What are some things that you do or experience that make you feel alive and free and happy?

Gemma said...

Hehe, no, I don't spend ALL my time in the bedroom. Other things that make me feel alive, free or happy-- being with friends/family, enjoying time alone, reading, writing, music, home decorating, attending "open houses", some cooking, seeing my kids accomplish great things, of course- going on dates with GR... to name a few.

tractor said...

Dear Sensuous Wife,

I happen to be a farmer. Today I had to seed grass in just a small area in the barnlot, maybe 50 ft by 2 ft. As I spread the grass by hand, I thought of your enjoyment of simple things, I also thought of Jesus parable of the sower.

As I spread the seed, some did land on rocky ground on the driveway. I wondered if He knows in advance what is the rocky ground that won't grow.

I also thought of a couple of stories that might give you a chuckle.

My wife was a suburban girl. Right after we got married she asked me to till the garden. She was in the house one day, heard a rumble, and looked out and saw me in the garden with a 150 horsepower tractor and a 25 ft cultivator. She was shocked in that she assumed I would use the tiller.

My motto was always, "If I can't do it with a tractor, I don't want to do it at all."

Several years after we were married, she had the almost perfect garden. She came out of the bathroom, and there were the cattle loose tromping her garden. Last major garden we had.

Sensuous Wife said...

What a great story, Tractor!

If I found cows eating and trampling my garden, I probably would have screamed and ran after them to chase them out. But you never know exactly how you would react until you actually face several hundred pounds of cow. I dunno though, we women are mighty protective of what's ours.

I'm honored that I crossed your mind and I'm glad you stopped by to share your stories.

Please tell Mrs. Tractor I'm a suburban girl too. She must love you a lot to leave her natural habitat.

I hope y'all have a great weekend just enjoying being together.