Friday, November 23, 2007

Those new LED Christmas lights kick ass!

Can I say ass at Christmas? (laughing) Not very ladylike, but oh well. Seriously, folks, those LED lights pack a real wallop. They are bright! And cheap enough to leave on all the time. Woo-Hoo!
Christmas makes me giddy. Can you tell? -SW


Naomi said...

Have you come across solar-powered xmas lights? How awesome an idea are _they_? Or do they only work properly in Australia, with our weird Christmas-in-summer thing? :-)

Sensuous Wife said...

I've never heard of those before. Kewl!
But in the US winters where it often rains or snows and is cloudy when that happens, I'd say they wouldn't work all that great here.
We have landscaping lights that are solar, but they have very pale light just enough to light a pathway in the garden. Not enough light or color to be Christmasy.