Thursday, November 29, 2007

Rhythm of Life

It's give and take
the dance of life
endless rhythm
pulsing all around us
through us
the song you dance
and not

I wept two times today.
Both times sincerely and deeply.
First, I wept this morning
in my neighbor's kitchen.
She invited me over
for coffee
and surprized me
with a breathtaking angel sculpture
earthy and living
in her rough-hewn wooden beauty.
The note read
"I pray for you
and your family
every day.
I am so thankful
for your friendship.
I love you."

Blindsided by her unexpected gift
I wept
as I received
her tenderness.
Wondrous surprise
thinking yourself
finding yourself
with deep true affection.
Is there anything like it in all the world?
An infusion of life force.
She gave out her love energy
and I took it into my heart
received it fully
embraced her energy
embraced her.

I wept again this afternoon.
For another girlfriend
as she shared
of the cold and lonely
she and her husband
are frozen in, stuck in
like cold sticky mud
engulfing a wagon wheel
leaving love stranded.

I wept for her
not that I willed it
or tried to
but I let the tears come
as they wanted.
this flood of sympathy
and urgent desire
that God would anoint my tears
use them
to wash away the mud
holding her and her man captive
make them
freed up
to love one another again.

I wept because holding it back
would be painful.
I wept and prayed
until God let me know
I was done.

buoyed up
by the peace
that only comes
from letting the life force inside you
come out
toward the one you're giving your love to
I felt my heart
exquisitely alive
with calm self-possession.
As though
I could feel
the heartbeats
within me
like a far off drum:

This is the rhythm of life.
The wordless tune
that love sings
in our heart
in our blood.

I thought of my husband
grateful for him
all the sticky mud
God washed off us
freed us from.

I realized the rhythm of life
is Eros
pulsing life force
of the heart

I saw the metaphor
how intercourse
embodies this rhythm.
and I wanted him.
Inside me.


Eleutheros said...

Very nicely done SW. And very erotic. Just like your good human heart, mi Lady, which beats steadily to the rhythm of truth.

Sensuous Wife said...

Thank you, Eleutheros.
I love how poetry captures a moment so we can revisit it, touch the moment again. If I hadn't written it down at the time, I may have forgotten my lovely moment...that beautiful insight. Cause life got real challenging not soon thereafter. Poetry is like a time capsule for our hearts. Glad you enjoyed it. -SW