Sunday, November 9, 2008

My First Video

God has been working on my heart big time. I have been doing well to process and keep up with it in real time. Lots of soul searching and prayer and humility and then quantum leaps of growth and healing. Taint easy. I am so so so lucky to have an inner circle of friends that I can talk with and they will love me and accept me and pray for me and encourage me to process and grow. This weekend, I took a long walk. I was gone for several hours, solitude and journaling and duking it out with God. Going without sugar or any kind of emotional eating for several days has been like a fast that has revealed many areas in my heart that needed to be healed and forgiven.

After one particularly intense rant, I had a moment where Jesus became so real and relevant for me. I was angry about a situation, at someone in particular and I was telling God about it. I was legitimately angry for some wrongs done to me and I told God, "God I just want to punch them!" and in my heart I heard this thought. It was as though Jesus answered me saying "I was punched and beaten. Can what was done to me be enough. Cause that person deserves a good punch and I was beaten up, can it be enough what was done to me?" This so shocked me that I stopped in my tracks. Peace seeped in to that angry pit in my stomach, and I let it go.

As I was walking back around the lake, I was startled to see all these golden sparkly lights on the water. It was only visible from that one point on the lake. This song was playing on my phone's mp3 player at the time. I stood there and just drank in the beauty. I got to wishing so so badly that I could record this. I've never seen golden lights sparkling at random on the water quite like that. I decided to at least take a picture. And while I was monkeying around with the camera settings I discovered my camera phone would shoot video. I had not known this! So I held the phone as still as I could and took the video. I'm not gonna win any awards for cinematography but I hope you can sense the peace and tranquility and beauty that overwhelmed me that day in such a lovely good way.


Who am I said...

Dear SW,

I so much appreciate you sharing your honest struggles with God. Reminds me to do the same.

I couldn't help but think of Psalm 23 when I saw your video- He makes me lie down in green pastures, He leads me besides still waters."

When I am in an enviroment with green pasture and still water it does calm my soul.

Isn't it amazing what phones will do now?



Matthew said...

My prayers and love for you on your journey. I know you're a star.

Winniel said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. It's amazing how God works in our lives huh? I'm still facing a loong week with my kids taking turn being "down" with fever...but I believe in the faithfulness & protection of God.

This loong week will pass soon :)

Monique said...

God is so good! He has made the sparkling lights bounce off the water for me too, and it was such a good moment in time w/God...