Monday, November 24, 2008

Good Things in Store

Wow I am one busy blessed woman. Lots going on these days which is why I post when I can. I knew y'all would understand. Lemme tell you some of the good stuff that has Sweet Shula as busy as a one-armed wallpaper hanger!

Website in full speed development mode. My house getting repairs and remodeled from Hurricane Ike damage. The happy sound of hammering in my house BAMbambam as builder released his contruction mojo on doors and walls and carpet and flooring and, you get the picture. :)

So grateful for a good coach, a wonderful team: web developer, graphic designer, customer service, project manager, pr director; a wonderful spiritual director to nudge me toward balance. I am a blessed woman even if I am a busy girl. Good stuff in store! Literally and figuratively. The store is gonna be beyoootiful. The breadth and quality of products we're going to carry is just delightful. Taking sex out of the bad girl corner and right in the thick of all the other healthy beautiful joys in life-right where it belongs.

Love y'all! Miss y'all! If you don't see me around the blog much, you know I'm workin'.
Sendin' out my love and gratitude,


Nurse Betty L. Boop said...

Saving my money for the grand opening!

BigMama said...

Hubby has a Christmas bonus check coming. Hope to be buying something from soon! Woohoo!

Tulipsanticipation said...

Can't wait to check it out!

Eva Gale said...

Hurry up all ready! I'm needing to replenish the toy box. And add a few shiney squirmy battery operated thingies.

Supernatural Botanicals said...

Good luck with your site! I have a feeling it's going to be a huge hit!

Sensuous Wife said...

Nurse Betty, thank you darlin'. (hugs you)

BigMama, oh my goodness, thank you. (grin) I want you to send me reviews for your favorites, mkay?

Tulipsanticipation, me too! :)

EvaGale, you darling. I am hurrying. Truly. and thank you for your help and love.

From your mouth to God's ears, Supernatural Botanicals. (bites lip smiling)I have a good feeling too. There's a whole lotta joy to be had and I want to play a part in that.

Sending out lots of love and gratitude, Shula