Friday, August 1, 2008

The quickest way to a woman's heart

One night this summer, Delighted Husband and I were tired and achy after taking the kids on a 4 mile hike. We very much wanted to be together but we had to laugh at ourselves laying still and holding hands and groaning with pain. "What a hot couple we are" as we laughed at ourselves. We were still naked and smiling at each other so that was a start. Delighted Husband has access to all these cool overseas radio stations on his phone, so he was scrolling through some stations and he found a really great classical station broadcasting from London. The classical music was beautiful and rich and still and didn't require us to move. (you know what I mean by that. some music just makes you want to dance. you just try to be still while listening to Ladysmith Black Mambazo!)

We were cuddling and talking about the children. We had planned to have a shagfest much earlier in the evening, but something the DC said set off a little beep beep beep in my heart letting me know they needed some quality time and connection with their dad and me. I knew instinctively that the best way to get them to connect verbally was to get them away from any and all electronic conveniences so I drove us all to one of our favorite nature trails. There's nothing like a long trail with nothing but the sound of wind whispering in the trees to get a kid to talking. Sweating helps too. Something about physical labor gets you talking honest and from the heart, and we were hiking at a steady clip!

I hung back for a while, watching my husband interact with the children. God, I love that man. I wasn't eavesdropping exactly, but I think for a while they forgot I was there.

It was this memory that came to mind as I cuddled with Delighted Husband listening to Rachmaninoff that night. I told him, as I have told him a thousand times, that seeing him share from his heart with the children, offering him manly heart in a fatherly way I could never imitate just sets off a little joy alarm deep inside my body. Every cell in my body says, "Girl! This is the one! Get this man to get you pregnant asap!" I told him and we laughed gently. My body can no longer get pregnant. But apparently places in my heart and my loins never got the memo, cause they keep on tryin!

I rolled over on top of him and he grinned hello. And after just a few seconds of fondling, I was aroused and ready to move. The soft candlelight on the dresser cast a lovely shadow of my hips as I moved over him gently. As passion is known to do, momentum picked up. Orgasmic steam built up and blew. And I rolled over collapsing in an exhausted tangle of limbs. Good man that he is, he moved enough for the both of us for his turn and came home to me quickly. We both submerged into sleep and next thing we knew the alarm clock was ringing.

Apparently one of the quickest ways to a woman's heart is her children. And definitely the quickest way to my loins is my heart! ;)
He knows all the shortcuts, my Delighted Husband.


Kyra said...

What a perfect day. I loved reading it.

Cocotte said...

Wow...that was really beautifully written SW. Today is my anniversary and we had a very special morning lounging in bed.

Sensuous Wife said...

Happy Anniversary Cocotte!

I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Kyra.

Howard said...

Enjoying creation, intimacy and affection with good music, merged with an opportunity to observe care by one close for others as close...
no wonder a desire for deeper union was born from such moments.

It is like the unbelievable smell of freshly baked bread as it emerges from the oven... the overwhelming desire is to smother it in butter and eat it, right there and then, it is so TOTALLY good.

That is the treasure of the life we have been given, so take of it deeply!

Eleutheros said...

Dear SW,

And I do mean dear.

Once more you've given us a glimpse into the holy and sacred goodness that Jehovah intended when He turned into Himself for the inspiration to create us to resemble Him in our being an echad of Male and Female.

I love the respect you show for human intimacy as you describe an intimate moment in such a away that all can particiapte in feeling your appreciation and understand how very good it is to be a good human.

Exactly as we were created to be.

You should no longer think of yourself as just a diamond in the rough. For you have yielded yourself to the The Master Jeweler and He has faceted and polished you and your husband and your marriage so that, together, you can't help but brightly reflect the light that He is as He holds you in His hand, admiring His handiwork.

Would that all will come to know how very good it is to be human and good.

I know I love it.

To the Day and with much agape,


Michael and Annalea said...

Dear SW,

I just found your blog today and am totally loving it! You're an amazing woman - I feel as if I know you already :) I've added your blog to the Blog Love section of my blog which is on restoring marriages (and speaks much about a wife's heart) ~ you have a lot of powerful things to say and I know you will bless all my readers.

That said, you should write Christian romance novels! And write them just like you wrote this post - with a passion that puts people right there in the moment!

Looking forward to more of you!