Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Savor the Love, Scrap the Joy

I get tremendous joy from making things, the hands-on creative craftyness just thrills my soul. Cooking does this for me, the art of mixing different ingredients and the end result is I have created something of beauty.

I'm creating something of beauty in a different art form lately. Scrapbooking!

Several of my friends sent me emails or notes telling me how special I was to them and just what I meant to them. Of course, anytime something like this happens is a big deal and something to be savored. Well I'm learning how to savor it. How to feel the love longer than the 3 seconds it takes to say "awww! how sweet!" and give your friend a hug.

I do this by scrapbooking.

I take every sweet note my husband or friends give me and use them as raw material for a scrapbook page. That way, I have the card in an accessible form, an easily flipped page in a book instead of a card that will likely get lost in a dusty drawer somewhere.


Even better. By looking at the note, and taking my time to select a page and cutting out the note text and gluing it to a background cardstock in a coordinating color and then selecting all the fun doodads to glue or hammer on, I am soaking in the love, reading their words over and over. Looking at the picture of my friend and I. Savoring the memory.

Did I say hammer?
Yes I did!
Have you ever seen those cool little things?
They have little child-sized hammers that you use to punch a hole in the paper and them pound a cute little colorful metal thumbtack looking thing called an eyelet into the page. I never thought at my age, a thirtysomething wife and mom and wayyy girly-girl that I would enjoy SO MUCH the BAM BAM BAM BAM of using a hammer. Delighted Husband just looks over at me and grins. He can't believe it either.

It's just SO FUN to build stuff!
God, I love being human.


Gemma said...

Happy to see that you're enjoying your crafts, Sensuous Wife.

Cocotte said...

What a great idea SW! I would never have thought to scrapbook pages of special notes from friends/hubby! I've always thought that regular scrapbooking is too time consuming, (since we take about 400 pictures/year), but this sounds doable. You are right - cards just get thrown in a box or drawer somewhere, but having it all in one book would be convenient and lend itself to looking at again and again. You have a very creative mind SW!

Sensuous Wife said...

Thanks, Gemma!

Cocotte, I'm glad you like the idea of making cards and notes more accessible. Getting the love out of the card and into my heart on a repeat basis is the thing.

You have a very creative mind SW!
---and thanks for the affirmation!

I wish both of you a lovely sexy weekend with your DH's.