Friday, April 18, 2008

I want him

I had a really good week. And the only thing different about this good week and last week terrible week was I scheduled a little time for myself each day, doing nice things for myself. I met one of my girlfriends for lunch. More than once this week! I took myself in for some scheduled maintenance at the salon. I took myself to the gym to sweat out my frustration over various vendor-created headaches. I'm telling you, this exercise-as-stress-relief thing REALLY works!

All the daily irritations of life still happened, but they didn't dominate my thinking or tank my attitude. All because I made time for taking care of myself.

And as a result, I'm entering this weekend, happy and horny instead of tired and grouchy.

In fact, I can't wait to get my hands on my man!
(grin) The weather round here is happy and horny!
(grin) (wave)
I'm putting nice clean sheets on the bed knowing full well I'll need to switch them again on Monday.
I don't mind at all.


tractor said...

Sounds awesome.

BTW. Reading your blog has reminded me of a book my counselor recommended years ago called "A Chance at Childhood Again." It is about Christ's command for us to be child like and it talks about how to bring that wonder of childhood back again.

I partly got it at the time, but not to the level I probably needed to. I probably need to reread it.

Sensuous Wife said...

Welcome, tractor and thank you. Delighted Husband didn't know what hit him when he got home. I love starting the weekend off with a bang. ;)

and yes, your complement touched my heart. You're right, I do culivate a sense of child-like delight and wonder and it really works for me, really enhances my life. I encourage you to do it too!

tractor said...

I was curious what you have found helpful to bring a sense of childlike wonder, playfulness, and fun in the bedroom.

Sensuous Wife said...

Great question, tractor!

I talked to Delighted Husband and he and I both said the same thing. The best way to bring playfulness and fun into the bedroom is to have playfulness and fun outside of the bedroom. Delighted Husband put it this way: you can't be all serious or disconnected outside the bedroom and immediately become a playful hotsy totsy the minute you walk in the bedroom.

What does this look like in behavior?

Watch funny movies together. Really goofy ones like Tommy Boy or Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

One of the things we love to do that adds so much fun to our everyday conversations is to quote lines from our favorite movies. There's a scene in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels where Steve Martin exclaims, "Oklahoma! Oklahoma! Oklahoma!" and if we're watching a basketball game or football game or baseball game on TV, if the commentator says the player is from Oklahoma, one of us will catch the other's eye and say "Oklahoma! Oklahoma! Oklahoma!" in the goofy Steve Martin voice and we'll both just crack up laughing. This is a nonverbal communication thing so it 's hard to convey the goofiness and fun by typing words onto a computer screen. What I am trying to get across is it is normal for DH and me to flirt and be silly on a daily basis. That is something we've always cultivated.

The other thing that really turns up the heat is recreational flirting. Even if especially if we have no time to take it any further at the moment, just flirting is SUCH a morale booster. I get such a boost out of "accidentally" showing DH an eyeful of cleavage while I pick up something off of the kitchen floor and then looking up to catch his eye and see him give me the exaggerated goggle-eyed stare. We may not have any time to make out or make love right then, but it sure brings a smile to both of our faces.

After doing this sort of thing on a regular basis, at bedtime, it feels natural and fun to suddenly scoot over to the other's side of the bed and say "Hi!" with a silly grin and start caressing them playfully or outright fondling them.