Friday, April 4, 2008

Face to Face With Extraordinary Women

Ooooh! How do I describe the energy to be found in the company of women? Time set aside just to gab face to face. Time to play, which for us girls can be doing craft-y things like scrapbooking or cardmaking, or can be telling stories and just generally goofing off.

I met the most incredible women tonight. I don't know that they would call themselves incredible, but seen through my eyes, they are. I went to a scrapbooking party tonight. One of the women at my table was a twinkly-eyed grandma sporting a cute hat. When I told her I thought her hat was cute, she grinned and shrugged off the complement saying "oh this is just to cover up my motorcycle helmet hair".
Yep. You heard that right.
This amazing grandma and her man rode several hundred miles today. Having a real Wild at Heart moment apparently! and here she was sitting with us tonight, trimming pictures and selecting background pages and complementary stickers. After riding several hundred miles on a motorcycle. Today. Whoa! What a woman!

Another woman I met tonight was a soft plush girly-girl with a timeless Celtic face straight out of a book or movie. She brought fiftysomething different stamps three colors of inkpads and made these exquisite cards! And for part of the evening, she nursed her adorable baby while conversing with us, never breaking her stride. This woman created beauty and made it look effortless. and she did so while nurturing life and teaching me how to do stamping. While making funny charming conversation with the women at our table. Whoa! What a woman!

We women are an extraordinary tribe. We really are.


Cahleen 何凱琳 said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly, sister! This is why I love reading your blog so much ... you help me see how cool it is to be a woman. I'm kind of a lazy blogger (which is obvious by how often I actually post on my own blog), so just know that even though I don't comment that much I eat your posts up. As a newly married woman, I find your blog to be insightful, informative, and fun. Thanks for writing!

Sensuous Wife said...

Thank you, Cahleen.
Your words came to me just at the time I most needed to hear them. Thank you, friend.

Cocotte said...

My church has a women's tea group where we get together once a month, drink tea and eat small treats, someone leads a devotional, and we do a small craft. I'm generally not a crafty person, but the fellowship with these women is just too good to pass up. Thanks for reminding us how wonderful it is to be a woman!

Sensuous Wife said...

You're right Cocotte, it's not just about the craft, or activity or whatever, it's about just hanging out, breathing the same air, laughing, telling stories, just being together with other goodhearted women that's important.