Friday, June 15, 2007

Sex as an act of worship

It's so cool how someone else's sharing can call forth something you want to share. I read a post on this subject over at Spiritual Sensuality and immediately my words and thoughts spilled eagerly onto the page. I didn't have to bite my lip or squinch up my eyebrows and trytocomeupwithsomething. It was just there, waiting to be said. So thank you, Lydia.

This is a concept very near and dear to my heart. I've been writing about this topic for years as I've spent the last fifteen years surrendering to Jesus and letting him heal me from sexual abuse and all kinds of junk. After fifteen years I finally have the courage to believe that all this journaling I've shared up till now only with God, my therapist, my husband and spiritual director that I could be unshamed and confident enough to share with other people. (smile) that's you! :)

So all this journaling on sex and worship is shaping into a devotional book titled Erotic Mystic: Musings on God and Sex. When you look at this topic from the perspective of an "old married lady" LOL who's been making love to the same man for ten years, this subject is common to nearly everyone. Why do you think most of us cry out the word "OH MY GOD" at the point of orgasm? It's because in the face of something so beautifully overwhelming we reach for God. To anchor us in the midst of such dizzying pleasure and to receive our thanks. I believe that crying out to God from the depth of our being is worship.

There is more to this subject than that-(I seem to think so anyway cause I've been wrestling with or celebrating the subject for 15 years)-but I thought the OMG cry at climax shows what a common human experience sex and worship often is. -SW


Lydia said...


I'm the Lydia who posted the "sex as an act of worship" topic over at Spiritual Sensuality.

Just wanted to say that I'm glad that it touched you. :)

Irim said...

Hey there...

My newest blog entry is a tip of the hat and gratitude to you. I hope you enjoy it:


Sensuous Wife said...

It certainly did, Lydia. Thank you.

Thanks, Irim. I look forward to reading your post. -SW

Who am I said...

Yes, I do believe that sex can be an act of worship. There are times that we have listened to worship music during lovemaking and it has been very moving.

Glad to see this Spiritual Sensuality blog, will peruse more later.