Monday, June 25, 2007

Care-less Contralto (the stage becomes a playground)

I sing for the sensation of notes reverberating in my throat.

I sing for the balance of my feet securely beneath me.

I sing for the joy of hearing the aural beauty I'm creating on-the-fly.

I sing to soak in the pleasure of the Spirit's spotlight enfolding me like a velvet mist.

I sing for the comforting integrity of singing notes that are true.

and if others in the audience enjoy my song, I savor our collective experience of being human.

If a tree falls in the woods
and no one is around
do the sound waves translate into noise without the waves hitting an eardrum?
No. Not really.
But by giving us lungs for breath
nasal cavities for tone
larynx lips and tongue for vocalization
eardrums to translate our vocal waves into notes
God created in us the complete package
capable of generating and hearing vocal sound
and experiencing pleasure in both the singing and the hearing.

Each duet is really two solos.
No one can push breath of my larynx but me.
But tandem solos are fun!


Eleutheros said...

A bird singing in the woods, a cricket in the evening, the wind through the trees, laughter from a playground... All of them sounding the air, filling it everywhere with vibrations that only matter if someone is there to hear it.
Keep singing on the wing, SW, and keep telling us about it as you soar in the heavens, closer to your God.

BigMama said...

Beautifully stated. I love to immerse myself in sound (silence is a little scary to me!). Your post reminded me of the lyric for "His Eye is on the Sparrow" -- among my all-time favorite songs.

Also, I wanted to let you know that you've been tagged! See this post for the rules:

Sensuous Wife said...

Wow, bigmama. I love that song. Beautiful! I can hear an instant replay in my mind right now. (eyes closed contented smile)

Tagged, huh? Fun! Now I have something fun to look forward to when I get back from histafroogle day! ;) SW