Friday, May 15, 2009

Sacred Naked

Sacred Naked-the spiritual side of pair bonding.

Sacred Naked is a phrase I've been using for years to describe pair bonding in an attitude of love, connectedness and gratitude toward God and gratitude toward your spouse. This sense of bonding and oneness is sometimes celebratory playful and erotic, sometimes gentle and tender, but always with a sense of bonding, oneness and togetherness. Pair bonding with a spiritual twist.

What does the Sacred Naked look like?
  • Cuddling naked while listening to music or watching TV
    Any time you're together alone is a prime opportunity to pair bond. Even if you're not involved in active sex play, maximize every opportunity to get skin-to-skin.
  • Cuddling naked while talking
    Connecting skin-to-skin makes it easier to share your feelings and can really bolster your courage when you want to talk about a subject you feel hesitant to discuss.
  • Being playful in the shower
    with the wife's soapy breasts pressed against her husband's back. This can feel nurturing and gentle or feel like an erotic boost if she reaches around and pleasures him with her hands.
  • Furtive urgent intercourse
    when the husband comes home for a nooner during lunch. One husband shared his story where his wife sent him a text message saying "come home now I need you". He arrived home to find his wife standing naked on the stairs saying, "let's go, I'm already ready for you."
  • Getting ready
    Many wives have shared with me that they prepare themselves to make love to their husbands by giving themselves a clitoral orgasm while anticipating his arrival. Having a clitoral orgasm prior to intercourse can make the gspot much more receptive to pleasure during quickie intercourse. Perfect for a quickie where the husband reaches orgasm quickly.
  • Pair bonding with God
    Have you ever considered that God created you a sexual being and that he wants you to embrace your sexuality with gratitude? This truth came home to me on a sunny day at the beach where my husband and I had found a secluded spot in between the dunes to spread our Liberator throe blanket. I stretched out to bask in the sun while my husband went for a swim. I could not see the ocean nor could anyone who happened across this deserted stretch of beach see me. I had total privacy just me and God. The sounds of the ocean were delightful, and the sun was so warm on my skin and the ocean breezes so delicious that I soon disrobed to enjoy it fully. I soaked in the pleasure from my senses and sent out my love and gratitude to God. It was one of the most beautiful spiritual and erotic moments of my life. Truly a Sacred Naked moment pair bonding with God enjoying the splendor and beauty of creation and the gift of touch he has given me. I wasn't fantasizing about another man, I was simply "hanging with my body and enjoying the sensations" as sobriety expert Dr. Doug Weiss from describes healthy self-pleasuring for women. To honor his privacy, I won't mention my husband's response when he came back from a swim to find his wife bathed in light and immersed in pleasure. But I smile at the memory. I'm willing to bet he does too.
  • When you're too tired
    When you're too tired for full on aerobic intercourse, you can always enjoy the Sacred Naked. Don't deny your spirit or your body the chance to bond with your mate just because you happen to be tired. Go ahead and cuddle naked. Give yourself permission to respond or not respond. Your body may surprise you and decide it has energy for sex after all!
  • Make a choice
    to make the most of every opportunity to enjoy the Sacred Naked. You'll be surprised how many Sacred Naked opportunities open up on the path before you. It's almost as if a benevolent God wants you to enjoy your mate and enjoy your body. (biting lip and smiling)
Love, Shula


Kyra said...

Lovely post.

I have always thought of both pair sex and solo sex as incredibly spiritual. Like you, sometimes I am not imagining a man during self-pleasure, I am simply enjoying my own body and the pleasures to be found in and with it.

And with sex with my husband, whether aggressive, erotic, tender or those occasional "oh I'm so tired" moments, truly spiritual and definitely sacred.

Thank you for writing this.

Who am I said...

This is an awesome post and great reminder.

Marie said...

I really enjoyed this post.

Skin has always been my most favorite and most sexual organ. The incredible amount of nerve endings that there are to be explored and taken advantage of...

hiswildcherry said...

Self pleasuring is an intensely spiritual experience for me. I do not feel guilt, only God's blessing upon my sexual aliveness after 23 years of being terribly alone and passively servant-like towards my darlingly, patient husband. He longed for me to open my soul to his love.
Pleasuring myself opened up my life towards what I am today and to how awesomely sexual I am.
I am extremely sensory and amaze my husband at how much I incorporate all of my senses when we make love. I truly embrace all of myself and its responses and draw him into my passion.
I totally related to your wonderfully written post, Sensuous Wife, and am grateful God has blessed me with so much confirmation regarding sensually/spiritually charged 'me'.

CageQueen said...

So does this mean you and your husband got back together? If so, that makes me really happy!

Eleutheros said...

Ahhhh, yes! Being nude! I
I love it! Skin on skin gets me in love again!

So, what is the difference between being naked and being nude?


And yours rocks!

StuK said...

You said it Elyew.

Nude: without clothes
Naked: revealed

Tulipsanticipation said...

I hope we can find some secluded beach this summer, I've always thought that would be the best!