Monday, January 28, 2008

More on Uninhibited Joy

I find I have more to say on this subject.

Not surprisingly, my old buddy Chris Rice said it best:
Kids Again from the album What a Heart is Beating For
everyone get outside and play
give the sun a chance to kiss your face
Come on come on let's all be kids again

Do you see what I'm talking about?
I'm talking about a childlike feeling of playful absorption, letting yourself be playful and silly.
Wading barefoot in a creek and squealing and screaming at how cold it is.
Dancing goofy to loud rocknroll music including air guitar and tossing your hair and waving your fists in the air.
Taking pictures.
Watching old goofy Steve Martin movies.
Lounging around the living room telling stories to your friends and laughing at their stories and letting yourself laugh at your own stories.
Did I say dancing? Well I'll say it again. Dance. Sway your hips like a diva.
Print out some of those pictures you took and journal some memories to keep in a scrapbook. If you enjoy page design that is. If you don't enjoy it, don't do it. Just upload your photos to a service like apple's iphoto book, or snapfish.

Being playful and entering into uninhibited joy. With either Phileo or Eros, playful uninhibited joy is a real good thing.

How do you experience playful uninhibited joy?
Let me hear your voice, friends!


Eleutheros said...

"How do you experience playful uninhibited joy?"

I feel it best when I am among friends who are as pleased to be with me as I am with them.
It doesn't really matter so much what we do as long as we are doing it together.

Playing games, watching movies, eating a yummy breakfast, sharing music, reading poetry or other personal writings to each other and sharing our insights, laughing over silliness, silliness turning to laughter, listening to the joy in thier voice as they share a persoanl story and knowing that your friends value your input and advise when they need someone to help them see the good in a bad situation.

These are the kind of friends you can share the most intimate details of your life and of your heart with knowing that there is mutual appreciation for who we are as humans as well as that vital trust that what is said stays in the heart in a secret treasure box only opened for inspiration.

I feel that kind of uninhibited joy often with my very best friend, my soul's first mate, my precious wife, who knows the deepest secrets of my soul and every day wakes up, gladly, with me by her side, choosing again to love me.

And only with a very small handful of other humans I call my best friends, who are really more like brothers and sisters for us having the same Father.

So, for me, uninhibited joy comes to me when I take the time to be human with the other humans I chose to share my life with.

And as you know, SW, I love being human.

Sensuous Wife said...

Eleutheros, I don't know how to follow that except to say that it brought me to tears.

All I can say is, "that's what it's all about. This is what is really important."

Dang. You are so deep! I was expecting comments like "this is how I let my hair down and let myself play and be a kid again." Stuff like flying a kite, building a model airplane. Nothing wrong with those things. A whole lot right with those things. But El-yew, you have brought it to a whole other level. Wow.

Okay, the rest of y'all don't get intimidated. Chime in!
Tell us how you experience playful uninhibited joy.
I wanna hear! :D