Saturday, October 13, 2007

In the Process

I haven't been blogging as often and I wanted to talk a bit about that. When I first started this blog I had this backlog of stuff I wanted to share...feelings, experiences, fun ideas, happy thanks for what God has done. I wanted to encourage other women to enjoy being women, enjoy being wives. Learn from my mistakes, and enjoy the fun stuff I've learned.

But life goes in seasons, ya know? Like planting, working and harvest. and lo and behold my life, our life a season of harvest ended and a season of planting and working began. and I felt awkward on how to blog about that. Because I wanted to have integrity and tell the truth but I also wanted to leave the reader more encouraged then they were before. Some blogs are designed just to vent and rant and get stuff off the blogger's chest and I respect that. But that's not what I wanted the Sensuous Wife blog to be about. But, but, I also thought that it's not encouraging to the readers to think their life as a wife will be a perpetual season of harvest. No planting, no working, just lots of goofing off and great sex. There is a name for that state of being. It's called Heaven. And we're not there yet.

So I decided to go ahead and post when I felt I had experienced something noteworthy, and just label it "the high cost of growing".

There are some blogs whose objective is to brag about their every sexual give the readers the juicy details with the sole purpose of arousing both blogger and reader. I don't want to embrace arousal as a sole purpose for this blog either. Although I must say that arousal can be a nice side effect of deliberately living alive to desire and being open to experiencing pleasure through the senses. If something you read here inspires you to take your husband into the bedroom and celebrate, then I say go for it and thank God! And the difference between bragging and celebrating is really just attitude. (and level of detail)

So. A few of my dear friends have encouraged me to consider sharing some of the recent challenging happenings of my life. I hope you will find it encouraging. I hope you will also consider sharing your own encouragement. I don't want to be one of those blogs who just bitch and moan about the annoying things in their day, but from time to time I will let you know about some events in our growing season where we are working but harvest is not here yet but I am hopeful. -SW


BigMama said...

Growing definitely has a very high cost. And if your life is anything like mine, sometimes it feels like, "Hey, I've already paid that price; I've already learned that lesson!" I know those are the times that it's very difficult to count it ALL joy.

Looking forward to continued reading, both of the good and bad!

Sensuous Wife said...

Naaa, this isn't workin' for me. I'll post when I have something good to say. I'll do my processing offline.-SW