Monday, March 26, 2007

The Year of Discipleship

A long time ago, I was given this little plastic business card holder with a bunch of business card sized nice little 'thought for the day' cards. I think they were something about new years resolutions. The cards I threw out years ago. But I kept the business card holder. It was shiny clear lucite and it said The Year of Discipleship in pretty red script.

This Valentine's day, I made love coupons for my honey. I used a business card wizard from a software on my computer to make them all pretty with sensuous text and my pictures with color printing from my computer. So when I was looking for an attractive way to package my love coupons, I remembered that business card holder. Just the right size for my coupons! ;)

I think God smiled, okay laughed for the pure hilarity of this when I gave my husband this darling little package of love coupon cards offering him such earthy delights as "25 kisses not on the mouth", "outdoor adventure", "warm oil massage" or "sexy striptease" all being held in a case that said "The Year of Discipleship". After all, isn't discipleship putting the Bible into action in your life? So we've got a little Song of Solomon discipleship going on at our house. Hubby says "Amen!" -SW

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