Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I've discovered a lot of joy in making everything I touch a pleasure whenever possible. Even everyday stuff. Case in point: towels.

I stood in the towel aisle in Walmart tonight, choosing towels by texture first and color second. I didn't plan on buying anything. I was actually there just to exchange a set of sheets. But when I felt these extrodinarily sofffft towels, I knew a few of them had to come live in my house. I was lost in linen nirvana when I noticed a Wal-mart employee in the department re-arranging a shower curtain display. "Well hey Mary", I said with a grin to cover my sheepishness, "I'm just standing here petting these towels. I have NEVER felt towels this soft." Mary wasn't fazed by my towel-fondling. "Mmmm-hmm" she said in that matter-of-fact tone that only Southern Black women have, "I know that's right. I just bought me some last night and one lady came in here this morning and bought 18! Girl, if you want 'em, you better get 'em now." It was like saying "sick 'em" to a dog. I immediately obeyed, dropping 2 pair into my basket. I looked at my basket and mentally ran a tab in my head and decided I really didn't need that designer matching Kleenex box cover. After all, how many times am I gonna touch the Kleenex box cover?

It's a simple thing, a towel. But I've adopted the belief that anything that touches my skin should be as soft as possible. Especially my dripping wet, naked-as-the-day-I-was-born skin. My husband is a manly man and would never pick towels like this. He'd pick the rough-and-tough-whatever's-$1.99 towel. But after he climbs out of the shower and mops his dripping wet face with this towel he mutters, "God, these towels are soft!" When I create an environment of tactile pleasure in our master suite, he really enjoys it. And I enjoy seeing him enjoy it. That's not double talk, my friend. That's wifely joy. -SW-

Details...I wanted to include a link in case any of you now have a hankering for these towels. But they're not on So here's the label, girls. HomeTrends Reversible Ultra Soft Bath Towel 100% Low Twist Cotton. If I see a link on Wally in the next few days I'll post it.

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