Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tell Her

So many of my posts are girl talk that my guy readers get to listen in on. But this time guys, I'm talkin' to you.

Tell her.
Tell her.
Tell her some of the four hundred ways she makes your world a better place.
Tell her you love the way the light touches her face when she stands near the window.
Tell her the air in the room is better simply because she's in the room.
Tell her you have got to have her tongue in your mouth right now.
Tell her that just the sound of her voice makes you hard.
Tell her that the reason your kids have turned out so great is that she is their mother.
Tell her that it's her you want to know all your secrets.
Tell her that reaching out your toe under the covers and finding her foot is one of life's sweetest things.
Tell her that to touch her hand is to come home.
Tell her.
Reach her.
Woo her.
Pursue her.
You'll be so glad you did.



Who am I said...

Thanks for the reminder.

LIT56RD said...


Yes I am one of the DH who lurk here and read your posts. I am in the process of learning how to make my marriage the best it can be in God's eyes. Hence, I read and study everything I can. Thanks for all the tips, the encouragement and the great strength you show.

Bless you

The Wild Man said...

Indeed. I think this is an even more important thing for me to do now as I try to affirm the changes that DW is making.

Anonymous said...

Y'know? I think, regardless of the *anticipated* reception you might get to a "being hard" or wanting her tongue in your mouth comment, there has just got to be something to that for our wives. doesn't that go to the idea of being captivating? Or is that just the wishful thinking of a "typical" man? ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm going to cry, this is so sweet and just sexy enough!

StuK said...

I got to thinking a bit...
Think, THEN tell her. Us guys get a bad rap for being simple, but guess what? We bring it on ourselves.

Sooooo, the next time you want to "tell her", think about what is behind it. Compare these...
1) Oh baby, you make me hard (to go to the blog :D )
2) "Oh baby, it arouses me that you value yourself enough to look so hot for me", or "that you are so comfortable with wearing that hot little number that you pull it off so erotically".

or (on the less sexual side
1) I love that you cook for me/us.
2) I love the heart that you show for your family by making great food for us.

BigMama said...

I think another important thing is to be willing to make those comments in the presence of others. Nothing endears me to my husband than to have someone come up to me and tell me that my darling was bragging on me when I wasn't around. Those second-hand compliments are some of the coolest things ever.