Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Esther is My Girl!

My friend Shawna put out a call on Twitter asking folks to nominate cool women from the Bible that they'd like to read more about. I nominated three and Shawna and I ended up having a great conversation about my girl Esther. Love her! Shawna and Esther. Here's how it went down:

Shawna: Is trying to decide which woman of the Bible I should write about next. Any biblical women you would like to read about?

Shula: How about Rahab? The first hooker documented as doing God's work.

Shula: Or perhaps Abigail who proved that even if you're married to a complete asshole, that God will honor your faith & action

Shula: Or Esther who proved that being a brave warrior queen and a hottie are not mutually exclusive.

Shawna: Those are all great women. I love your take on Esther.

Shula: grin thanks. I love Esther. She's my girl. She reminds me that self care and preparation are valid tools of bravery. Shawna: I like that take on her. Self care is something I am slowly learning, and I like looking good and feeling beautiful

Shula: Interesting Esther didn't run into the throneroom in a ratty bathrobe hair in curlers screaming "we're all going to die!"

Shula: Nope. Miss Girl prayed and dolled up and walked in calm collected wearing Lancome and a great corset. Betcha boots she did!

I love twitter! I love how twitter makes conversations like this happen.

Love y'all. Good night!


Cocotte said...

You crack me up, SW!

Felicia said...

I love Esther, this was actually the first love story I read. I so wanted to have a man that loved me so much that up to half his kingdom he would give me. I felt like that is how a man should treat his wife and you know what, God has truely blessed me with this. I never thought about how she well she took care of herself, so this is a great way to look at her teachings. Love it ladies.

Eleutheros said...

Ahhhhh! Now we know why you have come into the Kingdom, Shula... For such a time as this!

I love the way you think. You'll give righteousness a 'bad' name yet!

Don'tcha just love being human?

Love ya!

Sensuous Wife said...

(grin) I love you too, Elyew.

Felicia, I'm so glad. Take good care of your sweet self and enjoy giving your husband the ministry of eye candy. Every time I do, I feel so good inside. I do it to see the joy in his eyes, but then I get blessed.

Cocotte, I heard your laughter and it felt so good in my heart.


Tulipsanticipation said...

I'm so excited my bible study is going to be starting a study on Esther next month.

In preparation for it I rented the movie "One Night with the King" which tells the story of Esther. I highly recommend watching it if you haven't already.