Thursday, December 20, 2007

SOME lingerie you DON'T wear to your kids' soccer games

Christmas is for children. As moms, we do whatever we can to make Christmas quality time memories with our kids...baking cookies (even if slice-and-bake) and cuddling on the sofa reading stories. Not to mention standing in line at the crack of dawn trying to find a Wii or whatever fun toy they have their heart set on. It's a lot of work, but it's a joy.
But if we don't be careful, the whole extra mile Mom thing will run us ragged.
Ladies, you've got to save some space in your mind, in your heart, and in your calendar for some adult husband/wife playtime with your Honey. Few things help me switch gears into adult husband/wife mindset like lingerie. And I'm not talking about the everyday beautiful stuff I wear under my soccer mom outfits either. I'm talking something special.
Not just lingerie, giftwrap. If you know what I mean. ;0

Something sassy, like this Candy Cane Corset from Hips and Curves is what I'm talkin' about. Stepping into the bathroom or dressing room and putting on this little number is the equivalent of Superman stepping into the phone booth. You'll feel the change in your heart when you see yourself in the mirror. Remembering what a gorgeous sexy woman you really are.

If you like your sexy soft and elegant, this long gown is charming elegant and sexy all at the same time. Like you.

If you don't want to spend a lot of dough, Frederick's has sexy elegant sheer lace babydolls for $22. And Georgette babydolls for $20.

Victoria's has got some beautiful stuff this season. Delighted Husband took me shopping there this week and I was dazzled by all the color and style they've got goin' on. This lace trim babydoll is only $26.50.

Whatever your personal style, choose something that makes you feel sexy and confident. Then be the gift! -SW

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Eleutheros said...

Hubba! Hubba! Those were some nice links!

How fortunate for us men, made hapless by the power in a woman's sexuality, that you derive as much pleasure from feeling sexy for seeing yourselves through our appreciative eyes.

Would that all husbands everywhere know the beauty of arousal to be found in their wife's body, the container of their precious and erotic soul.

My personal favorite lingerie is very simple: One of my white cotton dress shirts almost unbuttoned with a pair of feminine and inviting pair of panties peeking out from underneath, walking toward me with a saunter and a smile. *Sizzle*.

Or equally arousing, a lacy, feminine, white cotton shirt and a faded pair of jeans hiding lacy white panties, being coyily shed as I watch, helpless in my arousal...

*sigh* A woman and her sexuality; truly the crown of glory atop all of God's creation!

I love being human!!